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    Striker is OP and AA-12 needs a boost.

      The Striker is the only shotgun I have been killed by and after using it I can see why. It shoots the farthest out of al the shotguns, it has a huge drum mag, and it can fire just as fast if not faster than the AA-12. I have naever seen it take more than 2 hits to kill someone even at a questionable range. The AA-12 on the other hand is crap. I have gotten some experience with it getting it to level 30.It has absolutely no range what so ever and on multiple occassions I have gotten 5 hitmarkers with it at near point-blank. IW needs to fix this now so there is some balance.

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          Another one of these posts? really? Will there actually ever be a gun were multiple people don't make threads complaining about it... well saying that most people who play cod are around 12, so that answered my question... but just saying the AA-12 isn't crap, you just got to be patient and not go rambo, otherwise yer you WILL die, the key to using any shotgun is to flank, not run at four enemies and expect a kill.


          AA-12 with extended mags and range is awesome, only reason the striker seems OP is because it's the only viable one straight away, the other shotties need a boost, that's it.


          Feel free to hurl abuse all you want, just make sure it makes sense and i'll at least give a thoughtful reply.



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            i use the striker all the time in hardcore and get hitmarkers regularly at point blank range and die as a result of it. im talking 2-3 sometimes, and dont run into someone with a ballistic vest cause then you are talkin more like 5-6. it is not by far OP. god im sick of seeing these discussions whining about how this gun and that gun is OP. just play the damn game and learn a strategy to counter it. people that use shotguns are at a disadvantage already and now you want to put them at an even bigger one. get real. but keep whining about it enough and im sure they will nerf it like they do whenever anyone whines loud enough.

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              The striker might seem OP compared to the other shotguns, but the striker will get destroyed by rapid fire SMG's most of the time, except when you got view kick on your side... AA12 definitely needs a buff, but so do the Spas, KSG, USAS and Model... The striker is decent when you first unlock it and when you get Damage + Extended mags it becomes Great. All other shotguns are crap when you just unlock it and become decent when you get Damage + Extended mags. That's the difference. Don't forget they are primaries now, the striker definitely doesn't need a nerf, the other shotguns need a buff.

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                play spec ops... the aa12 sucks, the models are awesome