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    The 55's Are Recruiting *PS3*

      Clan Name: The 55's
      Clan Tag: [55's]
      Format: PS3
      Location: WorldWide
      Recruiting: Yes
      Gaming Leagues: Gamebattles & The 55's Clan League
      Website: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.the55s.com/forums/index.php">http://www.the55s.com/forums/inde x.php</a><!-- m -->
      Mic: For clan battles yes

      We are The 55's. A warrior group with the sole mission of erradicating all mincing Prestiege filth from the world.

      If you are anything but prestiege aiming to remain a 5 Star general and can follow the basic 5 Star ethos:

      Star 1 - Loyalty
      Star 2 - Friendship
      Star 3 - Honour
      Star 4 - Teamwork
      Star 5 - The erradication of all things Prestiege

      Then seek sanctuary at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.the55s.com">http://www.the55s.com</a><!-- m --> ...... it is a house of god ..... and our god is 55!

      The 55's are above all we are above race, creed and country ....... we are a number and it is the number of the righteous.

      We are active in: Modern Warfare 2, COD4, W@W & M.A.G

      Word of note to save confusion, We do not accept prestige at all. This principle is across all games so if you have a prestige account on COD4 but wana join for MW2 you WILL have to create a new account to join us. We are still active on all Call Of Duty games so we must have consistencey across the board.

      Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you :)
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