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        10. Re: [DAD] CLAN
        I sent you a friends request.
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          11. Re: [DAD] CLAN
          Bump.  Thanks guys for everyone that has responded.  I'll send you all a friend request tonight.
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            12. Re: [DAD] CLAN
            Add me to the Dad Clan please.

            I'm a married 30's father of two and very good at CoD.

            I'm a Paramedic and play at the Firehouse in between calls. It's a very slow firehouse so I play A LOT!

            Right now I am 2nd Prestige level 53.

            I obtained tenth prestige in both CoD 4 and WaW

            I'm comfortable playing any game type...Headquarters, Search, TDM....Whatever you guys are in the mood for.

            My Gamertag is:

            The Super Daddy
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              13. Re: [DAD] CLAN
              I'll add you for sure.  I also made 10th prestige in COD4, but a 2 year old and 2 month old later.....I am only a LvL 58 right now.
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                14. Re: [DAD] CLAN
                Mister Servo Said:

                "I thought this was going to be a Dungeons and Dragons clan:("

                I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but it is.

                OP: I already run with a mix of adults that are both parents and singles.  There are about 40 of us, not to mention the two other squads that are made up of working class professionals that I have met in the past few years.  You will find there are a ton of like minded individuals out there like us.
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                  15. Re: [DAD] CLAN
                  I thought that was funny a well.  Especially considering my post about a CLAN for parents.
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                    16. Re: [DAD] CLAN

                    porkpieaml wrote:


                    Hey Dad's, I'm looking to start a CLAN for parents.  I am usually on around 8pm eastern time, until around midnight.  Add me if you are interested.  My gamertag is porkpieAML.  Thanks guys!

                    Nice...I think we already are on each others friend list(older guys thread I started-- me = Deadly Hobbit), but I will add [DAD] as my clan tag, since we never chose a clan tag.
                    See you later on XBL
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                      17. Re: [DAD] CLAN
                      jstsumguy99 is my gamertag on Xbox live and I mostly play HC TDM or regular core TDM if I HAVE to.

                      Feel free to add me.
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                        18. Re: [DAD] CLAN
                        Ill add you tonight.  Thanks for the reply.
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                          19. Re: [DAD] CLAN
                          Sure count me in.

                          36 yr old, father of 4, play when I can, when work schedule allows, etc.

                          Have a 15 year old son who also plays.

                          I'm mostly a run 'n' gunner, decent team player, TDM, DOM, Sab, whatever, etc.

                          Porkpie I'll send you a FR, anyone else feel free to add me if you like.

                          GT: Channel Xero
                          Last Edited: Dec 3, 2009 4:37 PM
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