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    Matharon/Lightweight/Commando - Discussion/Fix Suggestion

      After reading the OMA/DC issue thread, I think its time we discussed the bigger over used combo, the game breaking combo that is Matharon/Lightweight/Commando.

      The MLC combo is in every game without fail and there is no actual counter for it, they can be in your face in a matter of seconds and kill you.

      Mainly used with any amkibo guns, mainly the shotgun's this overpowered combo has been abused sinced the game came out.

      Matharon gives the users infinite run, Lightweights makes them run faster and Commando gifts the user an invincable lunge that kills instantly/

      Possible counters

      Shotgun (if you don't get a hitmarker first)
      Sniper Rifle
      Claymore (though sometimes does not work)

      My suggestions to fix this problem

      1. Remove Lightweight from the game
      2. Move Matharon from perk 1 to perk 3
      3. Make the knife equiment and when selected removed perk 3 only if suggestion 2 is not added
      4. Tweek the Lunge to half distance and remove the invincabilty it has
      5. Increase the power of stopping power to counter MLC
      6. Add Sitrep pro's abitly to Ninja Pro to couunter Commando

      Feel free to discuss, any comments not on topic will be removed
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