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    [DMR] New clan looking for good players on XBOX 360

      Hey guys and gals, I am trying to start a small clan with no more than 15 members and looking for good players that would be interested in joining. DMR stands for Deagle Marathon Runners( doesnt mean we will actually be doing that, unless evrybody wanted to just for fun =]) haha just something fun and random I came up with. But anyways this is my first time actually trying to start a clan and if anybody would like to help out I would really appreciate it. No website, applications, or any of that crap so we can leave that out of the picture. Requirements: Mic, 16 or older, a positive k/d, communication, teamwork, Maturity, must get on at least 5 days out of the week, and thats about it. We will play to have fun but also to win. We will do GB when we get enough peeps and play mostly objective games and ground war. You can message me or add me on live if ur interested or if you have any questions, my GT is oO Ando x  oh and was thinking about having all members do the whole GT thing and put DMR in front for example  DMR x Ando but only if y'all would be interested in doing so. well thats it for now thanks for ur time and really hope to get this clan up and going.
      Itz Ando