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    The Social Anime Club: EVERYTHING releated to Anime/Manga


      Since our old leader, Kaede Yuka is gone, I have taken the liberty into re-creating the once glorious anime club. Also, this time, instead of just anime talk in general, we can talk about other things, like daily life or other games. If you want to give a suggestion, tell me here or PM me.
                              Rules & Guidelines
      • Please and foremost stay on topic. NO SPAMMING OR TROLLING.
      • You may show your anime artwork here, however if it is not related to anything with this thread. Post it in the Digital Art's thread.
      • Do NOT post hentai, or any other unappropriated material.
      • Last but not least have FUN!
      • Rebuilding our crumbled empire                                       

      Our Signatures & Badges

      These signatures were created by the artists here, and credit is of course, given to them.


      ICEheaven102 (Our new leader):

      Kaede Yuka (Our old leader, Retired):

      Ryu Shihaisha (A Oldie member, Member, Signature contibuter III):

      Member list:

      Kaede Yuka (Old leader, RETURNED AS POUT.)

      ICEheaven102 (New leader, Vetarn member, Certified Spammer, Oldie member, Signature contributer III)

      OberCommando44 (Oldie member, Experianced Member)

      kst933 (Vetern member, Certified Spammer, Veteran member)

      Ryu Shihaisha (Oldie member, Member, Signature contibuter III)

      SeanSim (Oldie member, Senior member)

      KlukeKomaki (MIA, Junior member)

      Recaldy (Experianced member)

      quagers13 (Veteran member)


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