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    A dedication to the first Community Moderators

      Some of you might not of been aware, but when this forum first arrived it was unmoderated. After some pleading with IW two people where chosen from the PC Community

      PSTJoker and Razor

      PSTJoker might be more remembered in the PC Community for his maps he made on COD4 and for his AC-130U Mod (that later became a kill streak) Joker left the forum after a while, I never had a run in with him and he was always approachable

      Razor, a nice guy, who actually banned me twice (my own doing for attempt to start a boycott, but that's for another time) He was also a PC player, he left also.

      I tried my best to be like them when I moderated this forum, I hope that I was in some way like them.

      Special mention should go to j@yhron (always spell that wrong) who was later added to the team, he took alot of **** for his approach to moderating.

      Thanks guys for your hard work and dedication that turned this forum around.