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    Is KDR Better Then SEX?

      It sure looks like it if you are playing online these days, and it makes you wonder why????

      I know for a fact its better then winning a match or a game, most gamers rather loose with a good KDR (Kill Death Ratio, for the people who don't know what I'm talking about), then winning with a bad one. It's gotten that far that some gamers are willing to cheat by using hacks and just sit or walk around a spawn area (and yes, thats also called camping) raking up kills. So far I know, these games aren't design for that way of playing. Maybe if your playing Death Match......

      But coming back to, if it's better then sex. I personally have to say no. There could be gamers out there who think I'm wrong. It could be even you reading this, thinking, this idiot doesn't know what he's talking about. I LOOOOVVEEEE a good KDR. I wish it would come in a syrupy liquid what I can pore all over my body and rub it in me. And after doing that I would lick it off and ask my KDR-loving buddies to help me at the area's I can't reach, like my back, elbow, the back of my knee, the crack between......., well you get the picture.

      Then I have to reply with this comment, KDR-lovers have to be underachievers! Not in killing virtual people, but nearly in everything else in life. If a virtual score is more important to you then winning a game, there has to be something going wrong with the synapses sparking around in your brain. This has nothing to do with being a good loser, even a good loser is trying to win. If winning doesn't exists in your vocabulary or if it's even replaced with KDR, there is something wrong with you. Even lower life forms around the world are trying to win at anything, it's in every living things nature. So what does that make you??????

      The thing whats worrying me is, what I think, is that KDR-lovers are the youth. The younger then 18 who shouldn't or even are allowed to play these kinda games. This would explain alot why they should think it would be better then sex.....

      If the youth are this way, what promise does this have for our future. Most of them sitting at there job, not feeling to achieve anything just sitting there waiting to clock out so that they race back home and try to better there KDR.