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    EMPs need a nerf

      I don't care if they destroy a lower kill streak like a Pred or Attack Helicopter.  But when someone is working hard on Assault and gets a big killstreak like an Osprey, an 11-34 player should not be able to take down my killstreak with an EMP.  I've worked for it, they have died for theirs.  EMPs need to be worked on.

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          1. Re: EMPs need a nerf

          11-34? the EMP is an 18 kill support streak. are they capping points, shooting down UAV's too? that is completely fair if so.


          my only issue with the EMP is the duration. I think 60 seconds is too long. 30-45 seconds is sufficient. i also think each team should be limited to ONE EMP per round. we had a team blast THREE EMP's in a row last night and while I roll assassin pro, it is pretty stupid to play for 3 full minutes without being able to call in any killstreaks.

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            2. Re: EMPs need a nerf

            nerf everything

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              3. Re: EMPs need a nerf

              Dougernaut wrote:


              nerf everything


              especially the FMG9's and striker

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                4. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                30-45 seconds is just the right amount of time. "They nerf it, oh my gawd EMPs need to be nerfed 30 seconds is too much maybe 15 seconds." Hey instead of ******** about it in the forum, why don't you run emp and emp them before they can emp you? If you can't beat them join them. Not saying join their game do what they do. If they camp, you camp harder. If they spray shotguns, you spray harder. Get better than them and make them rage on the forum, don't be the *****.


                About the osprey gunner thing, maybe they should make it that the osprey needs to be emp'd and shot with like 2 stingers because that is the highest killstreak you can get I hate getting Pavelows and they get shot down like its a recon drone. Its not the end of the world for me though because I know I get another one. Maybe make it so it weakens the high killsteaks by 1 or 2 stinger shots. Don't change the time though.

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                  5. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                  i'm for that but if it stays 60 seconds getting blasted by 3 EMP's isn't realistic.


                  when a MOAB is dropped it EMPs BOTH TEAMS as it should. following this, the first EMP should destroy any other earned EMPs. talk about making people rage.

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                    6. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                    You realise an emp isn't a physical thing that just gets destroyed. Its an Electromagnetic Pulse that screws up electronics in an area because it screws up the electromagnetic field in that area. It isn't a bomb that usually have timers or a helicopter that flies around with a battery or an AC-130 that has many things in it that are electronic. That's it.


                    When multiple emps are shot say in 30 second intervals the first one will end in a minute but the second one will still have 30 more seconds till it goes away and the third will still have 30 seconds when the second one ends.

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                      7. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                      EMP duration is my only complaint.  1 minute is too long when a game can be as short as 5 minutes.

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                        8. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                        Yep.  The EMP setup in MW3 is another HUGE oversight by Infinity Ward.  The EMP needs a nerf, and unfortunately, we'll never get the nerf that it actually needs.   The EMP needs to be moved to the Assualt Strike Chain.  I highly doubt that will happen, but that's what the game needs.


                        Another way to nerf the EMP, would be to allow killstreaks to be called in if you're wearing Assassin Pro during the EMP duration.  I honestly hate Assassin, and rarely use it, but its supposed to be immune to EMPs when at Pro level.  So make it actually immune!  As horrible as it sounds, I would actually endorse buffing Assassin if the purpose of the buff is to nerf the EMP.

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                          9. Re: EMPs need a nerf

                          EMP should even out the field by affecting both teams instead of the enemy team.

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