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    Once again... 402 and IW listen to core kids whining... when will #MOARhardcore get an ear?

      Yet again... IW/SH prove they only listen to whines.



      Robert Bowling @fourzerotwo26m


      Expect a 50% decrease to the fire rate of all Akimbo weapons in#MW3. We're doing a hotfix tonight to properly nerf them. Thanks Internet!



      @fourzerotwo so... is the only thing you listen to is Core kids whining? When will you listen to reasonable requests for #MOARhardcore?
      7:18 PM - 25 Jan 12 via web · Embed this Tweet




      IW/Sh will never address HC until we whine like stuck pigs it seems...














      So... that is exactly what I am now going to do.


      Join me.

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