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        20. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

        ever heard it being called weak.  its still a great gun.  just not as good as mw2.

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          21. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

          Yep that it would.

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            22. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

            Dear God, you are stupid.

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              23. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

              The problem with the weapon is that its only advantage over the ACR is a small increase in range. This is not balanced with the ACR's faster rate of fire, lower recoil, same amount of shots to kill and faster reload time. Its not that people aren't adapting/getting used to the gun, the fact is that it is simply a worse gun than the ACR.


              I actually have more AK-47 kills than ACR kills, that is just personal preference and the fact that I prefer not to use the over used weapons as much, not that it is in any way better.

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                24. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                I would give it an 800 RPM rating. I mean that. Controlling its recoil would actually have meaning then. It and the cm901 are in the game for decoration atm.


                They have no excuse for making the most famous AR worldwide so underused and a complete shi-t and horrible version of the acr basically.

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                  25. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                  Strangely enough I do better with this so called useless AR then I do with the so called good ACR. If used correctly it is still very much a good weapon even when compared to the ACR and even the so called OP 95.


                  The ak47 and the cm901 are short to medium range AR, they are not menat to be good in CQC nor are they for long range combat in this game. In their respective area of effectiveness they can do very well.

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                    26. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                    A few thoughts:


                    - Probably the OP's average game is something a little less than the game he just got with the AK.


                    - The AK is underpowered when you compare it to the MW2 AK.


                    - The only real way to judge a gun is to play with it for a long period (say 500 kills or more), and compare your performance with it over numerous maps and game types to your performance with another gun.  For example, I've gotten over 1000 kills with the M4 and over 1100 kills with the ACR.  My KD with the ACR is 0.3 higher than with the M4.  To me that makes the ACR a better gun, but not nearly enough to call it OP.

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                      27. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                      Imagine how much better you would do if the gun actually had a meaningful advantage over the acr. The ak47 already works better for you, let them now actually award you by making it a better gun than the acr statistically somewhere & significantly too. I'm never touching that slow firing, high kick gun ever myself unless they actually buff it to you know 47 standard, a gun that's know as the worlds deadliest gun is statistically inferior to the acr in almost every way, yeahj balance. It never gets used really, yet we are talking about the fckin ak47 here.


                      I say either Give the ak47 and cm901 2 hit kill potential in the UPPer torso, neck and obviously head or ideally Buff their fire rates (like I said above), otherwise there is no reason for them to shoot less fast than the acr while having (a lot) more recoil and Less damage on range.

                      Last Edited: Jan 27, 2012 6:00 PM
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                        28. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                        I have used the AK-47 extensively trying to find some redeeming quality, just 1 good reason to choose it over the ACR.  Used all the way up to gold camo, desparately trying to justify it, but I just can't.  It's simply a slower firing, violently recoiling, slower reloading ACR.  Yes you will get 3 hit kills out to a slightly farther range than the ACR, but be honestly, is that really worth the slower fire rate, insane recoil, and slower reload?  No.


                        The ACR 6.8 currently makes the AK-47, CM901, and all LMGs completely pointless.  And I think there is a reason that we see far more ACR's than Type 95's.


                        My suggestion:


                        1. Simply drop the ACR's standard magazine size down to 20 bullets.  CM901 and AK-47 have a 10 bullet advantage, the ACR basically becomes the MW2 SCAR-L (high power, no recoil, but small mag)




                        2.  Drastically increase the CM901's and AK-47's ranges so that they are hardly ever more than 3 hit kill, and only 4 hit kills at extreme distances (I'm talking like all the way across Liberation).  But then the LMGs are still pointless since they have less range than the AK-47 to begin with, so I think #1 is the best option.

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                          29. Re: AK-47 weak? Do not think so at all.

                          oh, and we know you deliberately wrote this post to justify your usually use of the try-hard ACR, disguising it with the AK-47, because you don't know how you would play if your precious ACR got nerfed.  Trust me, I used to be like this.  I used to defend the Black Ops ak-74u and FAMAS by talking about how i thought other guns were "good"

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