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    Future suggestions

      In future games, I think they should...

      -Remove akimbo weapons completely. its ridiculous and there is a track record of OP akimbos.


      -customizable camos on secondary (why did IW take that out of MW3 anyway?)


      -put the black ops assist system back in, its much more fair (give assist points based on how much damage you did)


      -make shotguns secondary again. they are terrible primaries, given how, at a certain point, they stop doing damage. they are situational weapons. And if you think about the shotgun secondaries in MW2 without akimbo, they were balanced just fine.


      MW3 is a great game aside from these issues and i want to see them improved apon. what does anyone think abot these ideas?



      (and if you bring up lag compensation, it'll probably be a priority for IWs next game, so leave it out)

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          Re: Future suggestions
          1. Possible, akimbo pistols are ok though
          2. Why? a gold stinger would be quite amusing
          3. NO! that was absolute BS if you can't kill a guy, get some skill and as Ghandi pointed out in MW3 there's no SC and FS it's just FS
          4. It's called overkill, use it.


          But obviously this all just a matter of opinion.

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