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    Elite account and YouTube account won't link up.

      I've seen a few other people with this problem, and so far, I haven't seen anybody say anything about this issue getting resolved. I created my Elite account yesterday, and created a YouTube account as a part of the process for the Elite account. When I try to link it, it opens up the page to allow Call of Duty access to my YouTube account. After I choose accept, it takes me back to the Elite page, but something along the lines of "youtube_error=140" is added into the URL. When I scroll back down to the Vault, it shows that I have to create a channel, so when I click the link to create a channel, it taked me to YouTube, which immediately informs me there is already a username and channel for that account.


      I've taken all the steps given in the recommended "help" for this problem to no avail. I have unlinked and relinked from both ends, revoked access and given it back, I have cleared my cache and cookies and attempted the process on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and still no luck.


      Has anybody found a way to overcome this issue? Or do I need to just keep complaining to Activision until they clear this up for me?