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    biggest clans on elite

      ok so i know alot of people are looking for the biggest clans on elite so far i have found a couple they are


      all clans list below are clans that have over 10 members thati have found there may be more post the ones you have found and the members and level


      TFKx                      members 28 level 7 (This is my clan) I am leader


      FAZEclan               members 87  level 22


      AOD                      members 26  level 6


      Infinity Ward          members 17 level 50


      Elite proz              members 15  level 5     


      RvB                      members 17 level 7


      Vidya                    members 10 level 7


      Rk1gaming          members 16 level 9


      g-13                    members 15 level 5


      p-4-x                   members 11 level 7


      URx5150xclan     members17 level 10


      deathorglory360  members 11 level 4


      DW247              members 53 level 14


      OP4L Gaming    members 16 level 11


      UMAD bro?       members 10 level 6


      if you have played any of these clans post in here about what clan it was and what you think of the clan