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    HeroHQ Survivors

      So, who else is here after the forums flatlined on the operating table?  There's gotta be a few that lasted the long winter.

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          Hey, it's Hawk!  I've been trying to figure out how to post on this site for a couple weeks now.  Turns out my regular account can't post for some reason.  I can sign into it, but it's stuck on entering a security question, even after I enter one. 

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            Damn, how did you figure out it was me!  I thought no one would piece together this ingenius puzzle....


            That's farther than I get.  I get the invalid username/password message, I really hope I don't lose the Hawkeye username, I had it for three years.  Maybe there can be a fight to the death over rights to the name.  I'll start sharpening up my stick arrows now.

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              Yeah, using the same avatar was probably the trickiest part of it.  I totally thought you must be SBN at first!


              I got that far by using the "forgot password" link to reset my password.  But it was kinda useless anyways, since I still couldn't post with it.  You mean you haven't been sharpening them before!?  Man, the downtime must be messing with you! 


              But, on the bright side, at least this forum has all kinds of cool features (or at least compared to the regular site).  There's all kinds of things you can do with the text inyour posts, and you can send PMs and all that cool stuff.  Makes the old site look as old as Jad!

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                Hey Whats up guys....miss the real forums

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                  Hey CK!  Good to see you survived, haha.  What have you been up to?


                  @Rogue - It's a common mistake, Nova and I are often mixed up for each other.


                  Nice, thanks for the tip!  I was able to log in with my Hawkeye account, but I couldn't access the profile page or post anything.  I guess for now I'll have to continue with this exceptionally clever disguise.  I was, but Mass Effect 3 came out last week!  It's pretty much literally all that I did, haha.  Awesome game, right up until the end when they throw out awful, awful ending(s) that make zero sense or closure to the series.


                  Yup, I wonder if the upgraded permenant forums will have any of this stuff?  I at least want the option to center text so I don't gotta use a bunch of invisible periods.

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                    Playing UMVC3, watching streams, waiting for the forums to come back up

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                      Ah, cool, I went through a period of playing a lot of UMvC3 too.  It really sucked I couldn't come on here to talk about it.  After many deaths I managed to beat it on the hardest setting, though I still suck when it comes to the online matches.  I think my ranked match record is something like 6-27, haha.

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                        @Hawk: Yeah, you're way too similar... which is a bad sign, considering the age difference. 


                        Yeah, I had pretty much the same problem.  It kept telling me that I can't create discussions, reply to anything, like anything, etc.  Kinda made me wonder what the point of being signed in was, if I couldn't do anything.  I was actually gonna ask how ME3 was going, since I knew you'd be obsessively playing it.  You're already done!?  I always hate when a game has a lame ending.  Skyward Sword had a real lame ending, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 had an even worse ending recently, too.  So, I'm guessing you haven't been writing much since ME3 came out, right?


                        Yeah, I don't know.  It'd be nice if we had some of the cool features from here on the permanent forums.  Maybe NewsLad will  show up sometime soon to let us know what's going on with the forums. 


                        @CK: Hey, how's it going?!  It's just a regular party around here now, with 3 whole people here!

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                          I went to the midnight release for ME3, but Viva still beat it before me, haha.  I'm not sure if she did all the sidequests and planet scanning though.  It is for the most part an awesome addicting game though, it makes ya want to keep playing to find out what happens next.  I didn't love that a few times during the story they made important decisions from the previous games irrelevent, but it was well written and would be both dark and hilarious at the same time.  Except for the ending which was empty, and not because it wasn't the ending I wanted, it just made no sense.  There was so many plotholes that it's hard to ignore, and that ain't minor.  Even more annoying is that a lot of gaming sites report the controversy as fans being irrational rather then the game having a genuinely horrible ending that invalids every choice you make.  No matter what ending you pick they're largely the same aside from a color swap.


                          I got a good bit of writing done pre-ME3 actually!  I'm probably halfway or so done with the Marque chapter and have a good idea what the rest is like, I just gotta write it out.  What have you been up to without the forums?  Get anymore of Mists done?

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