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        @Hawk: That Viva's just such a hard-working student.  Never letting a video game stop her from doing her schoolwork... Oh, wait, maybe that's not true.  Endings are so important to any game or story, though, that it's definitely annoying when the ending is so weak.  A good ending can separate a good game from a great game, in my opinion.  And it's especially annoying when a game has all these choices for you to make, but then they don't make a difference in the end.  Kinda messes up the whole player choice deal.  The sites are right that fans are irrational, but they can still be right anyways! haha


        Nice, got any idea how long you think it might take to finish?  I've kinda been doing the usual: school, basketball, and some video games.  Played Final Fantasy XIII-2, and then Sonic CD and Crash Bandicoot 2, actually.  And now I'm in the middle of playing Xenogears for the first time, since I've heard a lot of good things about it.  And I'm almost done with chapter 2 of Mists, actually.  Only gotta revise the second half of it, and it'll be all done. 

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          Haha, I really can't talk, I took off so I could play it.  I don't think there's any real hard and fast rule for endings.  A great ending can feel like it elevates a story, but I also think just an adequate ending is fine too, it's the journey that everyone remembers.  But a bad ending can leave a really sour taste in your mouth that puts you off reading or playing something again.


          Not sure, I think I need a night or two to recover from Mass Effect, haha.  Slept even less than usual the past week.  Damn, you sure kept busy, haha.  I played UMvC3 off and on, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (I still need to finish it actually),  Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.  Awesome!  Is it another big one?

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            Haha, I think everyone's done that before.  I stayed home from school to play FF 13 a couple years ago... which may not have been worth it.  I'd say you actually kinda explained a pretty good rule for endings.  Ok endings are just kinda there, but awesome endings can elevate a game, and bad endings can drag down a good game.  I'd say the ending for Chrono Cross is what gave it the edge over Legend of Dragoon as my favorite.  It was pretty much a perfect ending, and the LoD one was just average (with hilariously awful voice acting). 


            Oh, poor Hawk, too much time playing video games.  I feel so sorry for you! haha.  I'm betting you also played the ME3 demo like 23 million times, too.  It's bigger than the first one, actually.  It's about 2500 words right now, and I think the last one was only 1900. 

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              So, I'm guessing you didn't take school off for XIII-2, haha.  I'm not sure what my favorite ending for a game is.  Mass Effect 2 had an awesome one with the Suicide Mission, though not sure if you wanna separate awesome final level with awesome final cutscene.  I'm sure there's a game I'm forgetting, but I can't make my brain work well enough to come up with it.


              Haha, yeah, Bioware had actually announced the time that it'll go live on the X-Box marketplace and I was waiting around so I could start the download the second it became available.  Though I couldn't play the multiplayer portion of the demo till a few days later because there was some stupid exclusive restriction on it for people that bought Battlefield.


              I should get going though, I'm ready to collapse.  See ya later Rogue!

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                I'd say that's a safe guess.  Awesome final levels/battles can kinda be part of the ending, though.  Like Skyward Sword's ending felt kinda weak to me, mainly because the final battle was pretty anticlimactic.  Chrono Cross has to be my favorite ending, but Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X got cool endings too. 


                Haha, wow, now that's dedication.  I'm almost surprised you didn't buy battlefield just to get the multiplayer demo early, though! 


                Later, Hawk!

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                  Yeah this place is alright for now. Needs a fan creations place though LOL. Yahoo 3 people!!! We should really throw a party!


                  Does this make me OG status  now? I'm one of the only heroes here Haha

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                    I wish we knew how long this forum will stick around, I'm not sure whether to make a bunch of new threads or not.  Though considering there's only three of us here maybe it doesn't matter too much, haha.


                    Haha, sure!

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                      What would you make this time... the Pest Coast Avengers?  But with only 3 people, I guess we don't exactly need a ton of threads. 


                      So, how's it going tonight, fellow Hero HQ people?

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                        Been a good night for me!  I made mini-shepherd pies which came out really well and the Flyers got a shutout win over the Devils.  A little bit of Avenger news too with a new picture and some Whedon interview stuff.  How you doing, Rogue?

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                          Nice!  What kinda Whedon interview stuff are we talking here?  It's going pretty good here.  I'm actually on Spring Break right now.  I've been watching the First Four games for the NCAA basketball tournament.  It's my favorite time of the year.  Just about to finish up my revisions of this chapter of Mists now, I think.

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