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        This.  Nothing super revealing, but still good stuff!  Oh, nice!  How's it up in Minnesota?  It's getting pretty warm over here, it's gonna be almost 70 tomorrow.

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          Yeah, nothing too crazy, but it's always interesting to hear what the director's thinking about it.  It's probably a good thing that he's not trying to do all kinds of crazy cameos and stuff every 2 seconds, at least.  The weather up here is awesome.  It was about 70 today, I think.  Makes you wonder why people are going on trips this week when they could just stay here and have the same awesome weather, but at a way lower price!

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            It's good to hear. I didn't like how the X-Men movies tried to cram so many characters into their movies when Cyclops doesn't get any proper development.  It's a very different situation than the Avengers, with the school and mutants as a race being important, but I like the tighter focus and not throwing characters in for the sake of showing em.  Haha, well, I think Florida beaches would be a little different than hanging around Minnesota.

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              Yeah, but the X-Men movies were just a mess in general, really.  Though they definitely got worse as they tried to add in more characters.  The first two movies were the best, and they had way less characters than the later ones.  By X3, they were trying to cram in every character from Juggernaut to Angel to Psylocke (apparently?  She was in the credits, at least, though I still don't remember her being in the movie...), and no one got any development.  So, hopefully the Avengers movies will be able to make every character important, instead of having characters that are just kinda there for no reason.  What are you talking about?!  Minnesota is known for its beautiful beaches and great weather! 

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                I think the Avengers will do just fine in character development.  Whedon is saying all the right things and what I've been seeing has looked pretty awesome!  Gotta love those trailers too! Of course, no one ever associates Minnesota with harsh, snow filled winters. It's all sunshine and rainbows!

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                  Yeah, I think it looks like it should be real good.  I'm definitely excited for it.  Every trailer I've seen has been pretty cool.  There's been a huge buildup to Avengers with basically every Marvel movie since Iron Man setting it up, but it looks like it'll be able to live up to the hype, actually.  Maybe it won't be the greatest movie ever made, but it sure should be a fun time for any Avengers fan!  Of course not!  Minnesota's the real Sunshine State, and Florida is super cold all the time.  We got a Greenland-Iceland kinda thing going.

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                    What do you mean it won't be the best movie ever made?  Of course it will be!  Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Godfather - they all got nothing on it.  Haha, so do ya know what your plan is for updating Mist?  Gonna make a temporary thread on here?

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                      Oh, of course.  What was I thinking?  It'll probably win every award ever invented, and they'll even have to create new ones just to capture its pure perfection... obviously.  I was just thinking about that, actually, since I only got a couple paragraphs or so left to revise.  I guess I could make a temporary one if, I wanted to.  Hopefully, I would only need to put the one chapter up here before we get permanent forums.  And all the cool features here might make it look way nicer than it ever has before.

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                        I hear shrines are already being built.  Yeah, it probably couldn't hurt.  If you wait for the old forums to come back it could be weeks before you'd get to post it.


                        I should get going though.  Later Rogue!

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                          Considering the pace these things normally seem to take, I'd say it might take months before I'd be able to post it, even!


                          Later, Hawk!

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