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    Most wanted feature?

      What's your must-have feature for The Amazing Spider-Man?

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          I would like to see all the bonus/alternate costumes from shattered dimensions and edge of time to be implimented into this game. Any chance of seeing that?

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            While it might not exactly be a feature exactly, what I want the most from the game is to have some fun boss fights.  That's one of the things that made Shattered Dimensions good.  It had some real good boss battles, which is really important in any Spider-Man game, or any super hero game.  That's kinda the point of the game, to have battles between super heroes and super villains.

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              Web swinging mechanics and choices (choosing type of swinging) much like what was featured in Spider-Man 2

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                - A New game+

                - Updated Spider-Man 2 web-swinging

                - Stealth

                - Alternate Costumes. But not just simply comic costumes. Updated so they fit into game, using the movie costume's textures. Most wanted, Scarlet Spider and Ben Reilly as Spider-Man.

                - A battle arena, or something like Arkham City's fight challenges. Starting with waves of regular goons, until you eventually fight bosses like the Rhino.

                - After the game as been finished, make boss characters part of random crimes/alerts in the city. Shouldn't matter if they have been killed or apprehended during the game's story. When the game is done, I want to have a chance to kick their asses again. I want to swing around the city, only to see Rhino stomping down the street and knocking cars out of his way. That's something I always wanted in a free-roaming game. Or Shocker robbing a bank. And trying to stop him, turns into a full on boss fight.

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                  Love to have the ability to customize or make your own costume.

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                    Random crimes, where some expand into bigger events. Spider-man 3 did a good job with this.

                    Also some Peter Parker missions! SM2 had awesome stuff like MJ dates, Pizza deliveries and photo missions. bring it back!

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                      I always wanted to stop random crimes commited by an actual villain in an open world Spidey game. There doesn't need to be a cutscene you just show up, see the villain, fight him, and them watch as the police take him to rykers.

                      Web cartriges would be a nice addtion. some people don't want to worry about how much web fluid they have but at least make it an option for the people who do.

                      A button that is there to make Spidey stick to walls, I don't want to have to press up at a wall in an open world.

                      Enough upgrades that will make you want to do a new game+ to buy all of them

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                        I would love if we had to use cartridges of webbing. That is what the has in the movie. So why not in the game?


                        Also it would be pretty cool if they used the way Akham Asylem/City type of fighting. Except the moves would be like jumping and kicking someone in the face rather than just punching and kicking.


                        I also would like it if there were no symbiotes what so ever.

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                          greginator5000 wrote:


                          I would love if we had to use cartridges of webbing. That is what the has in the movie. So why not in the game?


                          The game will use cartridges, but they'll be stored into your belt and whenever you run out of webbing, you'll have a quick animation where Spider-Man replaces the empty cartridges. For gameplay purposes, they decided to make the supply unlimited though. As it would be silly to run around rooftops, to look for new web cartridges.

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