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    Buff the Model 1887

      This weapon may be the last shotgun you unlock, but it is the worst. Why do you think you rarely ever see someone using it? Because it sucks. I used it and got it to 500 kills and level 30 and I can say how terrible it is. multiple times I got 2 near point blank hitmarkers and died, then when I got it to range it somehow got worse. The only time it was ever halfway decent was when it had dammage and even then it was ify After 534 kills I ended up with a 1.02 KD with that weapon while I had a 1.13 with the AA-12 after 500 kills and a 1.37 after 1706 kills with the Striker. This gun needs both a damage and range boost considering its performance and rate of fire.

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          I'd love to see it buffed. It's a gun I'd like to use more but won't again until I'm 15th prestige. Can be epic, but 9 times out of 10 it frustrates me. Wish it was as consistent as the KSG 12.

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            Going by amount of kills, the model is my 5th most used gun with 1135 kills and I can say honestly that more than a buff, lag is this shotguns biggest enemy. If they fixed the lag there would be so many more ohk's from this thing... . Now I haven't used the spas, ksg, and usas enough to know whether or not this truly does have much range on them, but if that is the case, I can't see us getting a buff anytime soon. But, from what I have heard, the range really isn't that different so yeah, a damn buff would be nice!


            Why did you usas and spas get there pellet numbers increased if they where already close in comparrison to the model and have much quicker re-fire times? Doesn't seem fair to buff those two and not do a little something to help out the model, especially if you're not going to fix that lag that criples this gun.

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              Can you Akimbo this shotgun, it'd be the only gun that worth doing so and I won't complain about

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                Yes, I agree. You also forgot to mention that it's the only shotgun without attachments, so it really needs this buff. I think it has enough damage, but it needs a better pellet spread.  If it gets a pellet spread similar to the Usas-12 or Spas-12, it'll be more consistant, making it worthy enough using.

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                  Technically it's stronger at range than the SPAS-12 which is its closest comparison.

                  They both fire at 65 RPM

                  They both have 8 pellets per shot

                  They both do 30 damage per pellet up close (four pellets must hit to kill)

                  The SPAS-12 does 14 damage at range (6 pellets to kill) while the M1887 does 20 (5 pellets to kill)

                  One main difference between them is their hip-spreads. The SPAS-12 has the standard spread of shotguns at 5-5 degrees while the M1887 has a spread of 6 degrees. This means you should use steady aim with the M1887 while the SPAS-12 your options are more varied.

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                    As mentioned, it's not so much the shotguns themselves more so than the lag problems that create the huge inconsistencies...sucks to start with a really good game where I usually get Longshots and OHKs only to have someone with a bad connection join or during Intermission and suddenly, I can't even get OHKs up close and it takes 2-3 shots to kill people...

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                      Don't expect anything to be buffed or nerfed.  IW doesn't listen to the community.  They rather make fixes based on THEIR intersts--not ours.


                      Then again, if we waved some cash in front of their faces, they'd do anything for us.

                      ~RUGGED SAVIOR



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                        The most likely reason for this gun being so bad is that they are trying to keep away fromthe problem they were in MW2, but they are too stubborn to admit they made a mistake and nerfed it too much and now will not buff it.