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    Sky Squad is recruiting! NEW CLAN! (PS3)

      Sky Squad is an all new clan, thats looking to be in the Gamebattles and maybe some tournaments. We are a pretty serious clan about this, but we also are pretty casual. We plan to have one maybe more Gamebattle teams, and then some casual ones but still going to win. There is no requirements to join, only for the Gamebattle team(s). No age cap either (but still you need to act mature). We are mostly a EU clan but if you will help us to get into the US, then we would be more than happy for that. To join the Gamebattle team(s) you will need a K/D of 1.50 cause thats not the most immportant part, we believe that the W in W/L is the ost important part. So you need to either have high K/D or be a good objective player. If this sounds interesting to you, then to join you just PM me on the PS3, or write something on our clan page on Elite. Just search for Sky Squad.