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        1,400. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
        Maybe by making the sway the way it is on zombies...
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          1,401. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
          as a QSer i would be happy with no sway. QSing and easier but it would help normal sniping alot. i cant really figure out why the sway was put in. was your goal vahn  just to shrink the sniping community. ( honest question not trying to sound hostile. also i just want to get this thread rolling again)
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            1,402. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
            Not completely removing it but how about making scout do something, and give it a 50% sway reduction along with the pro variant? or would that take too much coding...
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              1,403. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
              maybe im definetly all for buffing hardend and scout. right now the second perk tier is 70% SOH its pretty sad.
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                1,404. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                So what he is saying in a nutshell is if you play on a PC, there won't be any changes. The tweaks were centered around console as he has only been playing on so he's already at an advantage with this (aim assist) joke. Quick scoping wasn't much of a problem. It's a big friggin bullet to absorb and if you can get that 1 bullet to hit someone in the chest with a bolt action rifle, you're better than average! But, since the game was ported for console us PC gamers are and always will be at a loss. And know that only 3% of Activision's income is from PC players. But, that 3% are the gamers who can afford to be loyal to their games. We spend a lot more money than console gamers just to make sure we're playing without any hardware restrictions.
                        I will NEVER buy a console for one simple fact! Microsoft had the idea to merge PC gamers with XBOX and PSN networks and it didn't work! Only because PC gamers were a lot more accurate than console. And yes I've seen probably 10 hackers in my entire time gaming almost every day since it's release. It happens! Emo's need self-esteem and that's how they get it. That being said. My interests are turning away from the Call of Duty title. Zombies is fun as hell though! I just want to go back to sniping in MW2 and 1. But it won't happen because someone got too good at quick scoping and it was apparently an unfair thing. Even though you can die from 2 shots of an AK at a distance.
                Just hurts that a game I've made a part of my daily life has changed into something this frustrating. I need a beer now
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                  1,405. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                  All I want is proper sniping. The way people think it is before they play a game like this. The problem with this is if you have a suppressor, you lose the one hit kill, which is what sniping is about. But if you don't have it on, you lose the stealth, but get one hit kills. You should fix that. Another thing, I was reading something about Warlord and Sniping, and it said you get an even bigger disadvantage. I got a head shot with a suppressor and Variable Zoom, didn't even put the guy in Second Chance.     
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                    1,406. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                    Thanks for being honest, I have read the forum and have tried extensively to quickscope in Black Ops. My biggest problem is even after I ads and have the scope on the target I shoot 1...2...3 times with the PSG1 about 10 ft away and nothing, he turns around and kills me. The hit detection is what I think is the problem. I can get the shot off before the sway but it does not go where the sight is. I have gone in private matches against a wall and just just quickscoped the wall leaving the crosshairs in the same spot and the bullet spread is amazing no where near where the scope in was. The sway is fine but the bullet needs to go where the center of the sight is at all times. You can miss barrel stuffs because the bullets do not go where the sight is. It's like you need to wait at least 2 seconds before the bullet will travel where the center of the scope is. Quickscoping has been getting better for me but i have only had a couple games where I go positive (and I need to be a little campy.) The inability to play the objective with a sniper rifle is what makes them useless and almost a gimmick in this game. You cannot go and try to capture flags or try to plant a bomb because if you come up against somebody you need to be really lucky to win the gunfight. Slight of hand pro would also help out greatly, it would not have to be instant ads like it is on other guns, but at least a little faster so quickscopers have a chance to get off a shot before they get sprayed by the AK74u. I will continue to try to quickscope and hope these updates encourage others to try as well.

                    Quickscopers Live On!
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                      1,407. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first
                      honestly, i was just getting into Q'scopin in mw2 then black ops came out..i have no real complaints because the L96A1 is my favorite gun in the game, however i do wish it would scope in a bit faster..but thats just me. either way koodos for keepin up with the community and if ppl keep complaining they should just use a different gun or play MW2 with all the hackers...ya hackers ruin everything
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                        1,408. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                        Hears the problem with that why the hell are you promoting camping in the back of a map hardscoping and spawn shoting?

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                          1,409. Re: Sniper Updates? - Probably, but read this first

                          Sniping / scoping is fine as it's in black ops minus second chance pro (which you guys will hopefully completely remove for blops2).


                          For blops2 too either keep it exactly like it's now, or do it like cod4 / waw to a lesser extent do to the time line with minimum sticky aim effect on sniper rifles (like it now plays with aim assist on off for blops).

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