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    The same horrible UI? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!

      Greetings. It was a completely unpleasant surprise to know that MW2's weapon customization interface is used in MW3 too! I am sorry if I’m a bit harsh here, but the purpose of all of this is serious critic, because the matter bothers me as hell. Read on for my analization.


      FACT 1: The weapon customization process contains the following 5 properties: weapon's family, weapon, proficiency (MW3), attachment, and camouflage.


      FACT 2: Weapon customization in MW3 doesn’t allow you to choose and edit any of those 5 values in a 2-step select-and-edit process, but rather requires you to navigate from one to another in a 5-step fixed linear order.


      More details: This linear process doesn’t even have navigation buttons or tools. The only way to advance to the next property is by selecting your value for the current property every time you undergo the process, even when a change is NOT required. This flaw requires your eye to first spot the value’s place before your hand moves the mouse to select it, which is much more time consuming than pressing a fixed “skip” navigation button.


      RESULT: In order to make an edit, you have to undergo the weapon customization process until you reach the phase that you need, while selecting the value that you need for each single property you pass by even if you don’t want to change it from last time.


      E.G. Changing your weapon’s camo requires choosing the weapon’s family again, the weapon itself again, the proficiency again, the attachment again, until you finally reach the step where you change the camo. This is why I almost never change my camos in MW2, because it’s the most boring thing to change in the process, and that is hateful, honestly.


      1. This process is very time consuming, especially for editing the loadout between matches.
      2. This process is completely not fluent, whereas advancing requires a lot of spotting and mouse movement even when you just want to skip.
      3. This process discourages players from customizing in general, and mostly the camo.
      4. Many people, including me, are very disappointed.
      5. We will appreciate a remastering for the UI.

      6. Actually, a remastering is necessary.


      What makes it much worse is that this problem passed from MW2, it has been 2 years, and it doesn’t even need a specialist to notice!


      For the bottom line, I would point out -if anybody did not notice- that the keyword is LINEAR. Please incorporate some common sense in your creation of UI’s, and please fix this.


      Thank you for understanding.


      Cast your voices, gamers!

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          Re: The same horrible UI? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!

          Oh, damnit, I should've looked better before posting, a skip button DOES exist. Sorry, I just didn't play MW2 in a while and forget this detail.


          This makes it much better! But the fact that linear navigation is much less practical than hierachical navigation remains in place. Please look into this, IW!

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              Re: The same horrible UI? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!

              I actually disagree.


              In MW3, I can set up 5 classes in a 60 second break.


              In Black Ops, it was:
              Select primary weapon menu, scroll, select weapon menu, scroll down, select weapon class, scroll down, select weapon, scroll down, select attachments menu, scroll down, select attachment, scroll down, select crosshairs menu, scroll down, select crosshair, scroll down, select lens menu, scroll down, select lens, select camo menu, scroll down, select camo, exit.


              20 operations to select: Weapon, attachment, crosshair, lens and camo (5 elements) and return to the custom class where you can change the perks.



              In MW3 it is:
              Select weapon menu, scroll, select weapon class, scroll down, select weapon, scroll down, select proficiency, scroll down, select attachment, scroll down, select crosshair, scroll down, select camo.

              13 operations to select: Weapon, proficiency, attachment, crosshair and camo (5 elements).




              I miss reticle colors, lens colors, emblem creator, emblem on weapon, clan tag on weapon and face paint.

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              Re: The same horrible UI? YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!

              As said above it was easier in layout in Black Ops style but is quicker to navigate in MW3 style. One thing I do hate is there is no ability to get rid of the "new" next to the create a class spot unless you actuall hover over the "new" item you unlocked. This causes me to get annoyed as I actually don't like having that tag there constantly (especially after playing infected or gun game where you unlock stuff for guns you don't have equipped.). I wish there was a way you could "review" or accept all new items and the tag would go away.

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