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    No one is playing anymore!

      All I can say is **** YOU Activision Publishing Inc and **** you too Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP.

      They are the reason no one plays, from the greatest multiplayer game in my opinion , now its just another **** from other SHITHEADS whos only interest is money, and they will **** up the game, untill its another "Remember that game ? I used to play it all the time! I wonder what happend to it." THIS HAPPENT TO IT YOU RETARDS !!! PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING ANYMORE MW2!!!! WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY ACCOMPLISHED BY STOPPING A COMMUNITY WICH ONLY MADE YOURE ******* GAME MORE PUPULAR ? A MULTIPLAYER VERSION THAT WORKS!!! IF YOU STOP IT AT LEAST DO SOMETHING THAT CAN BE USED!



      Sorry for my eanglish , but you ****** up the game and its image !