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    The people at TREYARCH have to be laughing their *** off !!

      This MW3 has become a prefect example of how not to support a multi-player game.

      6 months in and im just now seeing that a fix to matchmaking is in the works?(We will see )

      Now they are giving away maps to a broke game.( oh yeah you can only play them in 1 game mode)

      And for us that like to max out a game ....they  keep moving the goal.( Top prestige 10 , no 15 , no 20 ,what next 50?  )


      Im sure Treyarch is also  a bit nervous about Elite and Beachhead,another fine example of what not to do.and they have to work along side them..


      I just had to vent,for what its worth

      it's easier to laugh at this,rather than scream at the tv for spawning 10 ft infront of opposing player ,or shotting someone in the back only to have them turn around and stab me.Because i have worked hard to get the best internet ava. in my area and have spent alot of money and time upgrading my whole system for years to make the best COD experience i could.But now i get punished for it...WTF


      Ok Fanboys give it to me..on how at least they are working on it and what not..

      You can polish a turd all you want , its still a turd!

      There i feel better

      Thanks see ya when this magic fix somes out..< fingers crossed>