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    Where Are We Now:  A Guide to How We Got to Black Ops II Zombies

      I decided to make this for all the new and old players that want to understand where we are in the plot of zombies.  I hope this helps some out.


      Nacht was a test map.  This was meant as a hidden easter egg at the end of the World at War campaign.  It has no relation to the storyline.


      The story begins strangely enough at Moon.  Maybe not the location, but with the radios.  It is here that we learn about Dr. Richtofen and Dr. Shusta and their testing of the matter transference device.  When they have success moving a walnut, they decide they need to show their boss, Dr. Maxis.  Well when he sees what they have accomplished, he gets extremely angry and tells them that is not the experiment they were supposed to be working on.  He then admits to the two that Group 935, the research organization they are all apart of, has signed a deal with the Nazi party to create weapons in exchange for funding of research.  Once Maxis leaves, Richtofen suspects that he will steal the plans and publish the findings himself.  With this in mind, Richtofen and Shusta decide to continue working so they can be the first to publish the findings. 




      After a lot of testing, the two are finally ready to test the teleportation of a live subject.  Dr. Richtofen volunteers himself for the experiment.  As the teleporter activates it does not send him to the receiving device.  Instead, he ends up in a dark cave with little light.  It is here that he finds the pyramid device.  He examines it and decides to touch it.  The device shocks him.  He then hears someone whispering to him.  He believes someone is in the cave with him and thinks it is Dr. Shusta.  He asks "Why are you whispering to me?"  This is where the voices in Richtofen's head begin.  They begin to tell him what to do and such, as can be heard in the maps he makes appearences on as he yells about "The Voices!"  Richtofen is then teleported to what we know as Shangri-la.  What happens here is relatively unknown, though there are many great theories.  What we do know is that Richtofen must have been seen as a god by the native peoples, for his inscription is on the shrine where we find the focusing stone.  A great theory for who these people are can be found in the link below.




      Dr. Shusta is still in Germany going crazy because he has no idea what has happened to Dr. Richtofen.  As he is about to scrap everything and shut down the project, a door opens up in the background and one can hear Dr. Richtofen's voice saying not to scrap anything.  His voice has changed from before.  He seems a bit crazier than at the beginning of the radios, possibly due to the teleportation and seeing all that he has seen.  There are also now voices in his head.  It is at this point that he makes Dr. Shusta get into the teleporter with him and see all that he has seen.  After they return, they get more people involved with their research and begin to build a moon base, which they found was the location of the pyramid device.  Once they have built the base, Richtofen puts Shusta in charge of researching how to control the pyramid device and how it works as he goes back to earth to continue posing as a loyal member of Group 935 for Dr. Maxis.  Dr. Richtofen still has a grudge with Dr. Maxis because he would not mass produce the DG-2, aka the WunderWaffe, and knows the only way he can get revenge is by continuing to play along in his part of Group 935. 


      7:06 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe8s_Vz8VRI

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBF9ZlQwqAs&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=27&feat ure=plpp_video


      Dr. Richtofen convinces Dr. Maxis to let him continue working on the teleporter.  As work continues, Dr. Maxis has a growing interest in the project and becomes heavily involved.  He begins testing with Dr. Richtofen, who is in charge of calibrating the machine.  It is through this testing that they begin teleporting subjects and getting zombies in return.  He dreams of having an undead army. Maxis wants more element 115 to continue testing the teleportation device.  He is sure that the Americans have a healthy supply of the element at the Nevada base.  Dr. Maxis decides to test the teleporter on Fluffy, the dog he had gotten for his daughter, Samantha.  Once the teleportation takes place, an electrical charge fills the teleportation chamber.  After being pressured by Maxis, Richtofen opens the chamber to reveal Fluffy in a zombied, HellHound form.  Samantha enters at this time asking what is happening.  Samantha sees her dog and runs to it, wondering what has happened.  Maxis chases after her to keep her out of the dog's harmful way.  As they are in the teleportation chamber, Richtofen locks the door and teleports Maxis, Samantha, and Fluffy away.  After this, a zombie outbreak occurs at Der Riese.  Employees are taking suicide pills to escape the torture of the zombies.  All hope has been lost.





      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBF9ZlQwqAs&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=27&feat ure=plpp_video


      Meanwhile, back on the moon, Dr. Shusta and Dr. Groph are working on solving how the pyramid device works.  They have recently discovered a glass tube that is on the pyramid.  They know this has something to do with the pyramid, but they don't know what to do yet.  While recording their finding, Dr. Shusta sees a rat and kills it.  When he kills it, it activates the machine.  They have found what powers the pyramid device.  When they alert Dr. Richtofen, he begins sending them "shipments" to fill the tanks.  Most believe these "shipments" are the native people of Shangri-la.  Richtofen captured them and sent teleported them to the moon, where Shusta and Groph killed them to fill the tanks.  Dr. Richtofen justifies this by saying that it is all in the name of science.  One can tell that Groph and Shusta do not agree with this, as when signing off you hear Groph state "May God have mercy on us all." 




      They finally complete filling the tanks around the pyramid device and are prepared for Operation Shield to take effect.  All they need is Dr. Richtofen at the base and things will be set.  When telling Richtofen of this, he says that he will be there soon and that all he has to do is take care of Maxis and Samantha.  This is when he traps them in the room with Fluffy.  As things are prepared and only awaiting Dr. Richtofen, Shusta and Groph decide that the best way to wait would be to go practice their golf in the Biodome.  Before they can do anything though, an intruder is detected.  Samantha has found a way to escape the Aether and has teleported to the moon base.  Out of fear, she just keeps running until she accidentally finds herself at the pyramid device.  The device activates and it is too late for the doctors to do anything.  Samantha Maxis has entered the device.  They alert Dr. Richtofen of this incident, to which he is not very happy, but has a plan to fix things.  He tells Dr. Groph and Shusta to find Dr. Maxis. If the girl is okay, he must be alive somewhere also.  He lets them take care of this job as he goes back to prepare his final plans. 





      After scanning for a while, they finally find Dr. Maxis and teleport him to the moon base against his will.  Maxis is not very happy and wants to know what is going on, but still knows that Richtofen is behind everything.  Once alerted of the situation, he tries to get Samantha to come out of the machine.  After much convincing, she comes out and they have a heartfelt moment.  At the very end, Maxis asks one favor of Samantha.  To kill them all.  With this, a gunshot is heard and the famous laugh that is made when the mystery box moves.  With that, one can hear Groph say "We are doomed."



      This is when we find ourselves in Verruckt.  When Peter, an American spy working at Verruckt, is compromised, the Army sends Tank Dempsey to rescue him.  Meanwhile, Peter escapes Verruckt and heads to Shi No Numa where he believes it is safe.  Zombies had invaded Verruckt and he had to get out, losing his arm in the process.  This is where he is met by Dr. Richtofen.  Richtofen kills him and hangs him in the spawn of Shi No Numa.  Dempsey is captured at Verruckt by German forces and brought to a German facility where he is tested on along with Nickolai Bilenski and Takeo Masaki.  A group of four marines is sent to Verruckt to save Tank, but it is too late.  The German army has abandoned the asylum and set the forest around it on fire.  This leads to the four marines death.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI59zMCZcCw&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=25&feat ure=plpp_video


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU6w0kNz4U8&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=24&feat ure=plpp_video

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPfJS2ipclE&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=22&feat ure=plpp_video


      Nickolai, Takeo, and Tank are now being tested on in the facility.  They survive the testing, unlike many subjects, but they have lost a lot of their memory.  They don't remember what Richtofen has done to them, but they do keep their personalities.  One unlucky subject, a Mexican, died when Richtofen decided to take his spleen out and see if 115 effected it in any way.  After testing, Richtofen departs for Shi No Numa where he meets Peter as stated earlier.  The three others recover from their treatments and are sent to meet him at Shi No Numa to help Richtofen with his plans.  A meteor has fallen to earth at the location of Shi No Numa, which made is a great spot to mine resources and do research on the element.  It is here that we get the first radio that was supposed to be sent to Peter.  In it, the voice states that Verruckt had been overrun and that Der Riese must be contained at all costs.


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR1GTUDsscM&list=PL2E430C49AE9CCFB9&index=28&feat ure=plpp_video



      The four then head to Der Riese where all hell has broken loose.  Zombies are everywhere at Der Riese, a weapons research facility.  The crew did not expect for "the Giant" to be overrun as it was.  It is here that Richtofen's protoype experiment, the DG-3, is available to the team.  After fighting off wave after wave of zombies, the crew gets into one of the teleporters.  As a shot is fired from the DG3, the teleporter overloads and instead of teleporting the crew back to the spawn, it teleports them into the future.



      Richtofen is amazed by this.  He did not realize that the MTD was capable of time travel.  What he does realize is that there is a teleporter in a facility he has never been to, Kino Der Toten.  This brainwashing facility was as a place to try and control the zombies.  It is here that Dr. Maxis tried for a long time to get the zombies to respond and follow orders.  There were always problems.  Richtofen becomes aware that Group 935 has more hidden than even he knows.  As they explore this old theatre, they can tell that it is fallen apart.  The facility has probably been out of use for over fifteen years.  The crew realizes that zombies aren't the only thing that inhabit this area, as Nova 6 Gas Crawlers enter the fray.  An interesting theory on what these actually are is posted below..  As the crew continues to fight zombies, the teleporter again malfunctions and sends them outside of a Russian Cosmodrome.  The heroes hop onto a lunar lander nearby and ride their way into the facility.





      Once they land, they are confronted by a man's voice who needs help.  All we know is that "she is coming" and "the mechanism must be repaired."  It is here that Yuri has been working on the Gershe Device, or a black hole bomb.  They have also been working on the Cassimir Mechanism.  Yuri has been transferred after not making enough progress on the device by Dr. Gersche.  Yuri is not happy about this.  He complains that he is too smart to just be working on rockets and shooting monkeys into space.  He then notices a Matroyshka Doll near him.  He has no idea where this came from.  Soon, he begins to notice that there was a teddy bear lying around the office.  He gets frustrated thinking that someone brought their child to work.  Yuri has been doing a lot research on element 115 and knows much more than Dr. Gersche.  Gersche's research has stalled and Yuri knows much more than he is willing to reveal.  He does not want his information getting into bad hands, such as Dr. Gersche's.  Yuri has become hostile and has been frequently talking to himself.  There are voices in his head.  Samantha keeps telling him to do things and the voices don't leave his head.  Yuri decides to visit his old facility and show Dr. Gersche what he has discovered with the Gersche Device.  He activates the Gersche Device and Dr. Gersche is sucked in.  Yuri is happy because he has fufilled what the voices, Samantha, have told him to do.  After a few seconds though, he comes to his senses and questions what he was done. 



      With that said, let's get back to the voice at the beginning.  Dr. Gersche needs help.  She, Samantha, is coming and the Cassimir Mechanism must be repaired.  After repairing the mechanism for Gersche, he is set free from the Aether that Samantha inhabits.  He escapes Samantha's wrath.  The heroes fight off tons of zombies here, eventually being teleported by a Gersche Device far into the future.  It is here that the heroes arrive at what we know as Call of the Dead. 



      George Romero wanted to film a zombie movie in Siberia.  The problem was that the zombies were real this time.  After being captured and zombified himself, he begins to attack the four actors that he had working with him on the film.  While the actors scramble to survive, they hear a knock on the door in the lighthouse.  On the other side is our heroes.  Dr. Richtofen needs a golden rod, otherwise known as the Vril Generator.  Well this rod is buried deep inside a submarine that has been frozen under the ice for decades.  The cast frees the submarine and in return receive the Vril Generator as a thank you gift.  Meanwhile, Richtofen has repaired the teleporter that was in the room behind the door.  Once the actors give him the golden rod, the teleport away to Shangri-la, leaving the cast with a Wunderwaffe in return for the help.


      Starts at 5:09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hUm-p-DXSQ&feature=plcp


      When the heroes arrive in Shangri-la, they realize these four stones.  When pushed in, the whole setting goes into an eclipse and travels back in time. It is here that we meet Brock and Gary, two explorers who are searching for Agartha, or Hollow Earth.  The developers love to play off of conspiracy theories and this is no different.  Read a little bit about Agartha here and you can see how it fits into the storyline.  After the heroes help Brock and Gary escape death many times, they finally receive the Focusing Stone.  When combined with the Vril Generator, these two items can activate the pyramid device back on the moon.  With the items found, Richtofen and the crew head to Area 51 where zombies are everywhere.  It is here that the teleporter will send them directly to the moon.



      We now arrive at Moon.  Richtofen's master plan is almost complete.  All he needs is to find the artifact to place the generator in.  But before he can do that, he must charge the Vril Generator.  While he is accessing the computer to charge the generator, the computer freezes and we hear Dr. Maxis tell Richtofen that he will not allow his plan to succeed.  Maxis must have known what Richtofen was doing and put a defense up just in case it ever came to this.  Richtofen is no idiot though and easily gets past the security measures that Maxis had put into place.  With the generator charged, the crew head off to find the artifact.  Once found and put into the pyramid, the heroes fill the tank to reveal Samantha Maxis, floating in a cryogenic state.  Once Richtofen activates the pyramid device again, four glass tubes appear and need to be filled.  After being filled, Richtofen inserts the Vril Generator and switches souls with Samantha Maxis, letting himself take control of the zombies.  Samantha is now in Richtofen's body.  All seems doomed.  Then, a voice comes over the intercom.  It's Dr. Maxis.  He states that he knows a way to control the damage that Richtofen can cause.  After giving Dr. Maxis the arifact and preparing some rockets, Maxis launches three rockets towards the Earth and blows it up.  The Earth is not completely destroyed, but it is thought that most of humanity is probably wiped out.






      And that's where we are.  Where will we end up next?  Some say Paris.  This is supported by a picture on a bulletin board in Der Riese of zombies in front of the Eiffel Tower.  It is also supported by the "Gateway to Hell" on Firing Range, along with the Pack a Punch flags, Quarantine, and the death card on the helicopter.  Here's some good links that will give good evidence for this also.




      Well that's what I have.  Have any questions?  Did I mess up?  Fire away in the comments.  If you believe I have something wrong though, please provide evidence for why you believe it is wrong.  No evidence=no dice. 


      Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed reading this.  Now you know where we stand and you can generate ideas for Black Ops II Zombies with all of these things in mind.