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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suggestions and Ideas

      Apparently, there is a sequel to this year's movie set for release in May 2014. I assume that a game will accompany it like before. Using released info, maybe we could tell the developers what we want before pre-production starts.


      • Day and night cycle
      • Dynamic weather (rain, snow, sun, cloudy)
      • Free-roam as Peter without gadgets, and make him a target for random crimes (Can still stick to walls, attack, superjump, and use spider-sense)
      • Lots of random crimes, but don't make them too repetitive
      • Simultaneous random crimes (encourages the player to choose the one that is more important, but completing both is possible)
      • Citizens react to your deeds (if you fail to stop a shooting of 6 people, but save a man from his sinking boat, citizens will say, "Why didn't you stop the shooting? Is one person more important than six?")
      • Stick/hang criminals to benches, light posts, etc
      • Make the citizens do more than walk and talk. Make them use their phone, sit at benches, work out at the park, shop, eat/drink while walking
      • Combat arena (Gears of War-like Horde mode, but with criminals and super-villains)
      • Able to go to the other islands and visit Brooklyn
      • Go inside important buildings (Banks, homes, workplace, story-related buildings)
      • (EDIT 1) No mandatory "safety net" to save yourself at the last second while in freefall. Make it as a option in the gameplay settings.
      • (EDIT 2) Able to choose between a realistic and normal web swinging mechanic. Realistic makes the webs stick to buildings.
      • (EDIT 3) Crimes happen in real-time
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          You made some good points here

          I like your ponits you made

          By the time that game comes out...things like this that you've listed should already be a given. 2014 is long enough for enough trail and error.

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            I support all of your ideas (I hope some of them are already in this game).


            • I would like to see a CO-OP mode (I know, CO-OP?) but I watched a interview where Dee commented on this (I forgot what he said though). Imagine how epic it would've been in SM3 to fight together with a friend (Peter and Harry vs. Sandman and Venom?).
            • Playing as Peter Parker should REALLY be a default feature in upcoming SM games. I remember how much I loved the, for example, Peter vs Harry mission in SM3. I even went to the daily bugle interior just to see Peter once in a while (it gave the game a nice touch). Hell, I would even go to high school as Peter and do mini games there... . I dont think it would be that hard to add an option to change to a PP skin in an alley when no one is looking.
            • I can't say much about the swinging in TASM but I would really love to see something close to the swinging scenes in the current movie trailers. I hope TASM Game is somewhere near that and if not I hope future games will be.
            • I also can't talk much about the interaction with characters but I really want Gwen mini games. Like meet her at Oscorps/Highschool or at her home. Interact with her (take her out for a 'thrill ride' or go to the cinema) just like in previous games. But please dont be as boring as the SM3 mini games. If that is not included in TASM game it surely should be in the next installment (IF they dont kill her off in the movie... I'm certain they wont but you never know)
            • I dont know anything about the current voice actors but there should really be the original voice actors (Andrew and co in the english version and their corresponding VA in the foreign ones). I was really glad when I heard the german Tobey Maguire voice in the SM2 game and I hope I will hear the german voice actors from the ASM movie in the game too. Atleast Peter and Gwen because they are the most familiar ones. If they arent in the current game you should really try to get them in future games cause it really adds to the experience.
            • I agree with the weather and day/night part. It would add a lot to the replay value if it started to rain (isnt the movie a lot darker now?).
            • I also agree with the building part. It's nice to see New York and all but I believe it does get dull fast, interiors could really help adding to the experience (subways or sewers like in SM3, school? maybe even the huge Oscorp tower with enterable labs?)
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              Maybe this thread needs a revival. With the new gameplay leaked and the release date fast approaching, we could probably suggest more things now.

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                in this game and the next game i think they should have:


                - Same as the comments above. The people of NY reacting to what spidey does in the game (i think they have it in this ASM game as well)

                - Reflections of Spidey in the building when swinging past or crawling up the wall.

                - Being able to play as PP and then when there is a crime, run into an alley and change into the Spidey costume (without the game having to go to loading screen)

                - Having to save people from falling off building and scaffolding etc.

                - Being able to stick criminals to walls, floors, lamp posts etc.

                - Access indoor areas even after completion of the game.

                - Being able to select the time of day/ night and the weather, (sunny, dusk, dawn, snow, rain, overcast etc.

                - Runnign out of web and having to reload web shooters before Spidey splats on the road lol.

                - Manhattan being absolutely filled with beeping cars and taxis and people filling the street like it should be.

                - Degradable alternate suits.

                - people cheer or throw rubbish at you and call you a menace.

                - shoot cob webs with your webshooters.

                - Finally, A LOT of replay value!!!

                - Also plenty of alternate costumes!!

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                  i feel like we should hold off on saying waht we want in a sequel until we actualy play the first game

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                      I have been a huge fan of the Spiderman series of game due to the huge roam feature and super power, which makes you feel the adrenaline without being overpowered (hint hint Prototype, no hate though).

                      The new game however was to easy. My favourite Spiderman game was The Web Of Shadows. It had some of the best features in the series.


                      1. Different powers ! I LOVED SPIDERMAN SHATTERED DIMENSIONS, the smooth change of pace with each spiderman having totally different playstyles was AWESOME. I would love to see it again.


                      2. Skill Set: Upgrades in the Amazing Spiderman were there, but were not like "new combos", they were merely more defense, damage, blah blah blah.. you get the point. I want more moves, I want to feel that I am progressing.


                      3. CHOICE ! Your choices matter ! "With great power comes great responsibility" Web of Shadows had four different endings, and your suit even altered your allies and moves. TheInfamous series are games that can be related to in such aspects.


                      The following are some features of the new game that I like:


                      1. The Web rush Mechanic

                      2. Camera angles (except whille on the ceiling)

                      3. Fluid combo.

                      4. Side missions (though they could have a bit variety)

                      5. Comic pages! nice touch!


                      Somethings that are needed:


                      1. Enemy variety and detail.

                      2. Boss variety (the robbery one was interesting, the spider slayers were awesome, the rest were the same sewage creatures)

                      3. Fights outside (web of shadows had them)

                      4. Difficulty (If you are stealthy, difficulty does not seem to matter!, combat too is primarily easy)

                      5. Web Retreat should not be present in higher difficulties, its like a "I peed my pants" button.

                      6. More spidermen, AGAIN ! (2099, noir, ultimate)


                      Thank you for reading the whole comment if you did. Hope Activision can see this too !

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                      I'm just going to list out the things I think a succesful Spidey sequel will need.



                      -When playing asm I felt like Spidey was swinging around a large town instead of an actual city. The new game should have a much larger map.

                      -The game should have a day/night cycle. However the cycle should not effect the time of day of specific levels. Also, you should be able to choose a point on the cycle after you've beaten the game.

                      -I think that weather would be awesome in a spidey game. It should occur randomly during the day/night cycle but you should still be able to activate it after beating the game.

                      -I would like to see more landmarks from the movie. The game should include peter's school and if he actually lives in the city in the next movie it should include his apartment. Oscorp tower should also look more like it did in the movie. etc

                      -The sound is also very important. As spidey's swinging he should hear car horns and people yelling in the streets below.



                      -The story should once again take place after the movie.

                      -Before the story is written the developers should think about cool level ideas and then build a good story to connect those ideas. I've already seen the outcome of the developers working the other way around. It ended up with almost every level takin place in oscorp or the sewers.

                      -cutscenes should always be in third person, even when your playing as peter parker. Also, characters should look like the actors they are played by. Gwen stacy looked nothing like emma stone and connors didn't resemble rhys ifans in a number of ways.

                      -If the developers can't get the movie actors to do the voices then they should at least get voice actors that have previously done spider-man.

                      -the game needs to better immerse the player in the game world. In the past few spiderman games I felt like I was playing as purely spiderman. Peter parker should have his own missions where maybe he goes to eavesdrop on someone where he can blend in as a normal person. There could be a mission where your playing as parker and a fight breaks lose and you need to control him to find a place to change into your costume etc. When I'm playing the game I want to feel like I'm in a city filled with real people. I want to feel like I'm playing as an actual person and not just a video game character.



                      -The only thing the combat really needs is more combo/finishing moves and more variety among enemys.

                      -Stealth gameplay needs more ways to take enemys out both quietly and loudly. It also needs better enviroments for stealth sections so you can find a place to take someone out without the whole room seeing it.

                      -Web rush was neat but there need to be a lot more animations so it looks more natural.

                      -There should be unlimited random crimes that happen in real time. There should also be plenty of variety among the crimes.

                      - Cooler levels. Levels that take place in indoor sections as well as outside in the city. Levels like the hunter fights and the black cat mission.



                      -The game needs to be fun to play. The story has to be interesting and character driven. The map has to be large and interactive. That is all I really need in a spiderman game. I hope whoever develops the next spidey game can do this and much more.

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                        Also Spiderman and (for example) Lizard were the same size!!.....in the movie Pete was a lot "smaller" than the Lizard....so deal with the figure sizes.....(along with everything that being said!)


                        I wasnt satisfied with the ASM game.....dissapointed i can say...


                        Landmarks is a bit difficult concidering its gonna be a movie game...only in Ultimate we had landmarks like Midtown High...Baxter Building....even Dr.Strange House!!!.........I WANT A COMICBOOK GAME!!!