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    Well it is that time of year again...

      For all those that NEVVERRRRR were worried about how well the game will play upon it's release, or how the matchmaking will be done, all things that should be of TOP PRIORITY. I remember only a few of the Veterans and some new guys were even focused how making sure that the we tried to get the Developers attention about what was most important for online gameplay. MATCHMAKING QUALITY BEING GOOD.....


      Yet we had the same usual child minded, not a care in the world... That were ready to be "hoodwinked" with eyecandy, and little 'TOKENS' that just had to be focused on the most redundant things and just had to spam this perception of...... "No, we will worry about


      Customizable playercards..

      Being able to Hopescope..

      Being able to have that all new game changing Theater Mode...

      OMA being gone..

      DC being gone..

      SP being gone..

      The AK-74u being in this game..

      Youtube not being able to link...

      Videos not rendering...

      Survival not being as uber cool as Zombies..

      Noobtubes being taken out...

      Something being Overpowered..

      MW2 sucking and Black Ops being better...



      I will be adding to this list, well....because now begins the period of how bad this game ran/functioned/performed/matchmaked/lagged etc..etc...


      I truly feel sad for you little tykes..well because you know no better. Maybe you will learn now that the important things about online gameplay isn't how well it will look, or how many guns they will have or, if you will be able to make obscene pictures or not, or if you will be able to paint your gun, or if you will be able to play that awesome map from way back yonder.


      It is all about who you are MATCHED up against..


      Are you going to be MATCHED against players nearest to you..


      So while you continue doing as usual.. I will be doing my best to achieve the important things once again, like every year with some other Veteran and Newer Forumites.. While you guys sit here and quibble over a game that is going nowhere but to the bottom.


      I relinquish My Throne as Gen. of The Confederate States of PS3...

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          1. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

          Well said esmourge, well said


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            2. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

            agreed and the newest patch for matchmaking has really made things 100 times worse.


            As an example, I play with whytie, spankhiccup etc,


            We were playing some TDM when a french clan joined the lobbie...game starts, i get 1 bullet deaths, shot around corners etc and cant kill anything, i go for a knife kill, get the full annimation and i die. wtf.. turns out whytie was host.


            In that lobbie i would have the best connection to the host (whytie) because i live closer to him than the other lads in our party, (North Scotland vs central/south England). So i get the same disadvantage as he does against everyone. The English lads aren't having a ball by any means but its not to the same extent as us...


            This follows a similar trend when Spankhiccup gets host.. I live the furthest away from him out off all the party members so i tend to have a pretty decent game against foriegn opposition, but he can't kill anything and neither can the lads living close to him.


            This is happening in all the games we play now.. Seems whoever is party leader in a 6 man party pulls host. We've tried swapping party leader but every game is BS now, i cant believe that this game cannot find UK players to match us with.. every lobbie is foriegn


            Do I really need to reflash my  router and use netem commands to add latency... I will, cause i dont care.

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              3. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

              I thank you SIr. You have been a been a loyal, right-minded, focused Soldier...that I am proud to stand along side with, in the upcoming task that we must endure.


              I know I will see you on the frontlines as always. I thank you for you continued effort with the Developer on the most important Thread that has graced CoDHq in many, many years while I was incapable to do so while in this uniform.


              To you Sir....

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                4. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                you're 100% right. i can only play this game for 15-45 minutes before i got to turn it off. I wanted this game to be better, play better, have a good match making system, and better servers to help with the lag. It didn't happen. So people like us that care about the game got screwed.

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                  5. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                  Good stuff ! Thanks for bringing truty and reality to the game.

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                    6. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                    reflashing to ddwrt or something similar should've been done after opening the box, but you don't really have to just to not get host. just use net tools.

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                      7. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                      Black Ops 2 Forum is open. We can get a early start this year on trying to get something done about the matchmaking system.

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                        8. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                        this game has me so turned off to c.o.d. i don't think i'm going to buy black ops 2. When i joined the MW3 forum i made posts asking them not to give in to the cry babies get rid of this perk, get rid of that perk, get rid of campers, punish, run and gunners and thing like that. I asked for them to fix problems with the game like lag, match making, hit detection, and maps that suit all play styles. As you can see it never was done. Did i think they would listen to me.........nope

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                          9. Re: Well it is that time of year again...

                          I fully concur with all that has been said, but predict now that Black Ops 2 will out sell all previous CoD, and have at least the same level of lag as BO and MW3, most likely worse.  I appreciate there will always be some degree of lag, it is the nature of anything online.  However matchmaking is appalling, with no excuse.  In about 95% of my sessions I am playing people who live hundreds if not thousands of miles away in foreign lands.  I often feel like I have the sole MW3 disk in the UK and yet I know plenty of people who do live in the UK that play daily at the same time as me.  A decent matchmaking system will not eliminate lag, nothing will, but it will reduce the likelihood of significant, game spoiling lag and provide a massive improvement to the whole experience.

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