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    MOAB title + emblem



      I contacted Activision guys on Twitter and asked them why there's no emblem/title for calling MOABs. ATVIMikey told me to post suggestion on forum, so I do. I've called 42 MOABs ( 40 MOABs is 5th stage of challenge) and I think that everyone who called in at least one knows that it's pain to do it (especially with such spawn system or ppl camping in corners with akimbo or assasin). Of course ppl can complain that it's no point to do it but really, why not? Good players will get rewarded and hackers can hack their title/emblem so they shouldn't care. If we were getting MOAB title and emblem like all other killstreaks, then it should be like: 3rd stage (10 MOABs) - emblem, 5th stage (40 MOABs) - title (MOAB Expert).