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    Black Ops 2 Too Futuristic For 2025...

      I think Black Ops 2 going over the top with all the technology, the all the military equipment we are using now will still be in use. All this 4 legged tank rubbish just isn't plausable, 1. it would collapse if some sort of rpg hit it in one of its legs and 2. they are not going to produce an army of mechs within the next 13 years, they will never replace tracks on a tank its faster and alot more stronger than something with robotic legs. I know drones are around today but they will never replace pilots in a jet fighter or a conventional plane, I know drones can pull more G's than a pilot can handle but they will never fully replace pilots because the technology can fail or get hacked into (just like the black ops 2 storyline). I think there should be alot more weapons in BO2 that we use today, maybe put in the F35 jet and the new chinese one the J20 in, and they should replace the crappy C.L.A.W with a normal tank like the M1A2 (or M1A3 because its the future) because its just so unrealistic. MW3 is set in 2016 and theres large amount of modern weapons and remember its only 2025 so its not far off MW3 time era.