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      1st the site does nothing. Now it says code error. It has been like this for weeks. When will I be able to redeem my damn code? On top of that for naggin and asking daily when this code will work I was muted of the activision assist facebook page. Thank you for the support.

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          OK I did get some help last night. Had to take picture of my founder card and send it to support via the live chat. Then get this email. I log on the site and no update yet. Then today the whole activision support site has changed and I cant even check the status of my case number anymore. Now ive been on hold for an 1hr via the phone 8002256588.

          So now what?

          Your case number is : XXXXXX-XXXXXX

          To view the status of this ticket or to reply to us:

          1. Browse to activision.custhelp.com, click on the Call of Duty MW3 logo.

          2. Click "My Stuff" and log in.

          a) Your Login is the email address you gave us. If you have not logged into your account before please click on the "Go to Account Assistance" button and follow the "Reset Your Password" option to have a password sent to you.

          3. Now select "Questions".

          4. Click on the question you want to update.

          5. Select the Update Question button.

          Thank you for contacting Activision.

          Joseph M.

          Activision Customer Support

          [09:53:38 PM] Tech Specialist Joseph M. Reporting!
          [09:53:45 PM] Joseph M.: Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. My name is Joe. If you have not already provided this information, please state:
          • Your Name and e-mail address
          • The product you are having an issues with
          • Your Platform (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii etc)
          • If applicable, your GamerTag, PSN ID, or Steam ID
          • A phone number where you can be reached.

          If you have contacted us before and have a reference number, please let me know.

          *** If you must walk away from chat to try some troubleshooting steps, please return and type something every 3 minutes to prevent the chat from timing out and closing.

          Thank You.
          [09:53:56 PM] JOHN U: John U
          [09:54:06 PM] Joseph M.: Hello John, how can I help you tonight?
          [09:54:38 PM] JOHN U: xxxx.xxxxxx@us.army.mil, ps3, HeadhunterSeven mw3, XXX-XXX-8320
          [09:55:58 PM] JOHN U: I have been trying to redeem my founder card for a long time now. The site used to do nothing when I entered the code now it says code error. If I just make up a random code it says invailid code. Whats the deal is the site up or not?
          [09:56:29 PM] Joseph M.: The site should be functional. Let me check your account. One moment please.
          [09:58:13 PM] Joseph M.: The account seems to be in good order. I'm having one of our moderators check the status in the database.
          [09:59:02 PM] JOHN U: ok, maybe it went through? thats why I get error?
          [09:59:30 PM] Joseph M.: That's what I suspected, but it does not seem to be the case here. On the site and in the database, it is showing as a premium, non-founder.
          What web browser are you using when you enter the code?

          [09:59:58 PM] JOHN U: ie8
          [10:00:45 PM] Joseph M.: I know there were some issues with several versions of IE. Do you have another browser on the system? I find Firefox to be the most reliable with Elite.
          [10:00:57 PM] JOHN U: yes i do
          [10:01:32 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, with another browser, first log into your account at http://callofduty.com
          [10:01:41 PM] Joseph M.: Then redeem the code.
          [10:01:56 PM] JOHN U: ok im goona pull it up now. give me a second. thanks
          [10:02:03 PM] Joseph M.: Sure
          [10:03:45 PM] JOHN U: ok logged in, how to get to code site from there?
          [10:04:34 PM] Joseph M.: Enter the address: http://callofduty.com/founder manually in the address bar
          [10:05:49 PM] JOHN U: it still asks me to log in
          [10:06:23 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, log in again from that page.
          [10:06:35 PM] JOHN U: code error
          [10:07:00 PM] JOHN U: please try again later
          [10:07:23 PM] Joseph M.: Is there an error number?
          [10:07:28 PM] JOHN U: no
          [10:08:18 PM] Joseph M.: That is odd. I know the developers are working on the site, which may be a part of the problem now. But how long have you had this issue?
          [10:09:36 PM] JOHN U: lol, for weeks the site has been down, just today the site does somthing other than refresh. but it only says code error. Now if I make up a code it says invailid code. So I really dont understand whats going on.
          [10:11:48 PM] Joseph M.: The site seems to be working in general. There may be some underlying problem with the account I can not see. I would like to send this case to the site's developers for further investigation. They have access to the accounts in way I don't . They may be able to find the problem or suggest other potential solutions.
          [10:12:04 PM] JOHN U: Some turd on the activision support facebook page muted me from making new comments becuase they got tire of me asking daily about clan ops and my damn code. I spent good money for this game I just want my support.
          [10:12:50 PM] JOHN U: ive got that answer before and no return on it? I cant be the only one with this issue you have delt with today?
          [10:13:34 PM] Joseph M.: I have seen this issue 2-3 times in the past, it is not common, but not unheard of either.
          [10:14:03 PM] JOHN U: now i did login via facebook. could that be anything?
          [10:14:17 PM] JOHN U: how has it been fixed then?
          [10:15:06 PM] Joseph M.: Honestly, in the past, the developers have fixed these cases. However, you may be on to something with the facebook login. Could you log out and then log back in using the e-mail address and password?
          [10:15:38 PM] JOHN U: nope I just logged in normal no change
          [10:15:46 PM] Joseph M.: ok
          [10:15:51 PM] Joseph M.: It was worth a try
          [10:15:52 PM] JOHN U: ok so how will they fix it without my code?
          [10:16:41 PM] Joseph M.: If there is an error with the account, they should be able to correct it so that the code will work in future attempts. It must still be a valid code.
          [10:17:05 PM] Joseph M.: Did you buy the Hardened edition, or did you buy the code seperately?
          [10:17:28 PM] JOHN U: got hardened as a gift
          [10:17:53 PM] Joseph M.: Ok. The game was not used, the box unopened, still in the shrink wrap?
          [10:18:02 PM] JOHN U: im military so missed the deadline was busy
          [10:18:12 PM] Joseph M.: I understand that.
          [10:18:18 PM] JOHN U: yeah its legit
          [10:18:59 PM] JOHN U: not like I can return it becuase of a code.
          [10:19:35 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, do you have a camera? Could you send me an image of the founder code and disc 1 of the game? I could use that as verification.
          write the number 387155 next to it and I can send that to the developers as proof of ownership.
          [10:19:46 PM] JOHN U: so can I get contacted when its fixed so I get redeem this card already.
          [10:20:34 PM] JOHN U: maybe becuase I was founder when just random people got founder. I just thought my code kicked in.
          [10:20:50 PM] Joseph M.: Yes, we can definitely contact you when the account is reviewed. If they are able to locate and correct any errors, they will let you know.
          [10:21:22 PM] JOHN U: any timeline and method of contact is email would work best, My phone service sucks in the house
          [10:22:00 PM] JOHN U: I just want to play some founder servers. They have those right?
          [10:22:31 PM] Joseph M.: No, there are no founder's servers
          [10:22:39 PM] JOHN U: I suck at this game but its the one thing I do when im off work adn relax.
          [10:22:42 PM] Joseph M.: It is only an emblem, title, and weapon camo
          [10:23:27 PM] JOHN U: I already have all the emblems, just not the green skull and the title above the elite prem. Maybe thats this issue with the code error.
          [10:25:52 PM] JOHN U: when random poeple got founder, I got the emblem, title and camo. its showed green skull, the clan got 500xp etc and it said founder under my account. Then that portion was gone and it only says elite prem no more founder. Still have the camo and other stuff. I just though my code kicked it after entering it a million timed.
          [10:26:41 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, the founder code at this point would only change the red skull on your account to green. It would not unlock any further benefit.
          [10:27:30 PM] JOHN U: roger that. I paid for my green skull I want it.
          [10:28:13 PM] JOHN U: there are gonna be founder only ops
          [10:28:25 PM] Joseph M.: Ok. I will ask the developers to look into that. Could you send an image of the founder card as verification of purchase?
          [10:28:29 PM] JOHN U: which i wont be able to see or getinto
          [10:28:39 PM] JOHN U: yeah
          [10:29:02 PM] JOHN U: should I blank out the code? front and back what do you need
          [10:29:58 PM] Joseph M.: I just need to see the card and the number XXXXXX written down somewhere in the photo (handwritten on a piece of paper behind the card is best).

          We would need to see the code. That way if it is in use on another account, we can invalidate that other account.
          [10:30:50 PM] JOHN U: ok cool give me a sec ill take the pic and send it. ill also put my psn name on it too
          [10:30:58 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, thanks.
          [10:35:16 PM] JOHN U: ok had to take a buch to get the code to show
          [10:35:35 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, that's fine. You can attach them to the chat window here.
          [10:38:09 PM] JOHN U: you get it?
          [10:38:19 PM] Joseph M.: It's loading now.
          [10:38:32 PM] Joseph M.: Ok, that looks good.
          [10:39:27 PM] JOHN U: cool thanks bro, I broke my leg on a airborne jump a couple of weeks ago so im trapped at the crib and my only outlet is the game right now.
          [10:40:34 PM] Joseph M.: I'll try to get this fixed for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, is there anything else I can help you with tonight?
          [10:41:40 PM] JOHN U: Ok so who do I complain to about the jerk that muted me on the facebook page becuase he or she got tired of my requests for support?
          [10:42:15 PM] Joseph M.: Do you know the username of the person who did it?
          [10:46:09 PM] 'JOHN U' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').

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              Was on hold for 3hrs. Got through to Carl.


              So far carl gave me the best support to date. he went above and beyond in trying to correct my founder issue.


              We unlinked accounts reregistered to see if that would clear there "code error".


              No luck though. My code is valid however just wont except it in the system.


              He tried every trick he had.


              Gonna bump me up to dev support.


              Carl gave me faith again in activisions cust support. Give that guy a raise! He actually showed that he cared about my issue.

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              I think im having the same problem, just got the Hardened Edition and today redeemed the elite code fine but the Founder code (on the back of the plastic founder card) doesnt seem to work at all.


              Keep getting code error like above, tried several times with every variation, lower/upper case, dashes/no dashes, spaces/nospaces. Yet none seem to work.


              So you are not alone headhunter!

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                  Yeah im sure there are alot of us out there. I hope they figure it out soon. Good luck to you in getting it fixed. I get any updates ill post here.

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                    Oh so its NOT just my code.. Getting ANGRY.. Had this code over 4 weeks.. Site was down and now its there but ERROR try again later for the Code.. CHAT keeps shutting me out saying my chat was cancelled as there is nobody there to answer my call.. Grrrr Is there no email contact,.. and when igo to Support.. It keeps taking me to the games to choose from and FORUMS. I dont want a forum. I wanna kNOW WHY I cant activate this Founders Code and Im getting UPSET.. Can someone from Activision ...If you SEE this post..PLEASE contact me? Email is OR my gamer tag for PSN is TY-LER13. PLEASE HELP./.Getting angry... :-(

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                    I  have the same problem, the founder site used to do nothing and now i just get the same error as above.

                    I also got the upgrade to founder when they had the problem and everyone got it then it was removed.


                    I will keep checking here to see if you get any good updates!

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                      "Code error"    "Please try again later"


                      Try again later ? ...yep heaps of times, still not working ... and no email "support" ?


                      Is there a fix coming ???

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                        Me and my clan buddy, chivesgoat, are having the exact same issue. I got the hardened edition pre-order as a present for me back in november. I have been trying to put it in for what feels like an age but no luck. I've tried Uppercase only lower case only, dashes in between, spaces, spaces and dashes, changing all 0s to Os and no joy. I've even had my younger brother type it in, just to make sure i'm not lossing my marbles and he couldn't crack it. It doesn't help that we don't know how we type it either. Five fields would be a blessing.


                        I, as a PS3 user have been mugged off. I've forked out 90 squid for this edition and I've only got £35s out of it. I don't know whats going on and myself and chives (mentioned earlier) are left in the dark. Clan ops are great, we love them so much, even staying awake til 5am just so we could play them but they're so sparse. Xbox have tons and because of this, we have to create our own. Running around fighting other clans, like YeZa, setting up our own website.


                        The founder bootlet was so inspirationaly, about making Multiplayer more than just a game, and we want it to be, nay, we NEED it to be.


                        Support do what they can but resetting browser cache etc, has not solved nothing. The support need to co-op MORE with the 'dev' team and solve problems in real time, not sent to some mailing list with fingers crossed. As far as I see it founder status means as much to me as it does to activision. Pioneers we're described as but we're still dragging our feet.


                        We just want our founder status and clan functionality up to scratch

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                          Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                          I checked this morning and the site now seems to be working I was able to input my founder code without an error.

                          Give it a try again.

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                            Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                            We are starting to see some users being able to access and use their Founders codes at http://callofduty.com/founder.  Please first try clearing your cache and cookies, and then logging into http://profile.callofduty.com.  Once logged in, go to http://callofduty.com/founder and try to input your 20 digit Founders code.  If you are still having trouble with this, please let us know.

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                              Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                              Looks like its working. Mine worked last night

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                                Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                                It's January and the problem aint yet solved, still having problems. "Your code is good to go but we aint". Makes me sick.

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                                  Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                                  i got the hardened edition and it says that the code its good and they arent try again layter......with i have the chance to redeem the fouder code?  and why the hardened edition its on the stores if the founder is usless like the tokens and theme too?

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                                    Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                                    I have been waiting for it. I also have a code to redeem.

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                                      Re: WHEN IS THE FOUNDER REDEEM SITE GOING TO WORK?

                                      Much like many of you. I bought the hardened edition of MW3 but when i tried to place my founder card code in the site it would say "'Your code is good to go but we aren't. Please try again later'" appears. and Most of the time the site was down now after all this time they said that the Founder card code expired in November 2012 where in the back of the box nor the card nor the listing in Gamestop or anywhere said that the founder card code expired. Now, like 96mn12 stated many people were not successful in placing the code in and lost their money and their status and now we have a black empty skull in our COD App Profile and none of the emblems and player cards... if they are not going to fix this for all of us that could not plug our code in for this because of their lack of support on the site or their servers not accepting our code then they need to remove that green skull out of the players career in all profiles and just keep the prestiges people reached since MW3. If they wont do that they need to ask for our Founder Number and founder card redeem code and give us our statuses, green skulls in our profiles and player card emblems and backgrounds period if you all or anybody runs into this thread agrees post here that you agree....!!!

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