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    Captain America: The Winter Soldier


      Planned release date - April 4, 2014


      Well this is a very interesting choice of directors.  The Russo Brothers (Joe & Anthony) have been tapped to direct Captain America 2. Their previous film experience includes "You, Me & Dupree".-



      It hasn't been finalized or announced officially so things may change, but if not, I'm trusting that Marvel knows what they are doing.  They have had some good luck with some of their choices for directors, some of which initially raised some eyebrows (that one guy that made "Elf" for Iron Man, a guy best known for Shakespeare films for Thor, and a guy that had one not very sucessful movie for the Avengers)


      CA:TFA was pretty much my favorite "phase 1" movie leading up to The Avengers (sometimes tied with Iron Man) so I have high hopes for the sequel.

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          I don't think Whedon was that big of a shocker compared to these new guys or Fav.  Whedon wrote some pretty popular X-Men comics and is pretty well known as a comic nerd with two cult shows under his belt that prove he can do ensembles well.  He doesn't have a lot of movie experience, but that the only major knock.


          The Russo brothers is one of the oddest picks to me and makes me a little nervous.

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            Yeah I know, you're right about Whedon but I had to try and make some parallels to make myself feel better

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              Haha, this is now the third choice for a director who's primary TV guys.  Whedon being the first and the Game of Thrones guy for Thor kinda makes sense.  Maybe Marvel prefers them cause they're less likely to fight against them and try to do their own thing?  We know Marvel has this grand scheme in mind with a movie continuity, which is more like a TV series than traditional movies.

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                You, Me and Dupree, oh my gosh that movie looked so bad, lol. That is an odd pick to say the least. I mean really, maybe they will have a mini Cap or something, lol. Cannot say this bodes well but I hope I am wrong.

                Now Thor got a really good director in Alan Taylor. He has done marvelous work on the Game of Thrones directing some of their most acclaimed shows. Although I don't any of you guys watch GOT but man you should as it is by far the best TV show going right now.


                I really hope these guys do Cap right.

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                  Yeah, hopefully we'll get some information about Cap 2 soon so we aren't so nervous over the directors, haha.  Rumors are that they'll bring in Falcon, which I kinda hope doesn't happen.  I don't want Clint and Tasha to just disappear until the next Avenges movie and Clint and Cap have a well known friendship/mentorship in the comics that would be pretty cool to see brought to the big screen, especially with how Clint got shafted in Avengers.  I also don't think there's gonna be a SHIELD movie anytime soon and Clint doesn't really fit in Thor or IM, so Cap is only chance he'll get.  I think they should definitely bring in Sharon Carter though, that's a pretty natural progression of the Peggy storyline from Cap 1.

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                    I agree with your ideas on the sequel.  I don't know much about Falcon but right now I'm thinking I wouldn't want to add him in.  According to a press release it sounds like SHIELD will play a part in the movie so I would hope there would be some appearances from BW and Hawkeye.


                    The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated 'Marvel's The Avengers' (May 4, 2012) leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world."

                    I definitely want to see some kind of continuation of the Peggy storyline, whether it be him meeting up with her (like Joss wrote for the Avengers then cut) or by bringing in Sharon.

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                      I just want it to be about Cap and really nobody else. I also hope they give Evans the chance to really develop a good relationship wtih somebody man or woman. I know you two guys thought his quasi romance with Carter was great but I found it understated and totally lacking in chemistry. So I hope this time around they get him a woman and there are some sparks and the logical choice would be Peggy.


                      Don't want to see the Falcon because I have never been a fan of sidekicks at all. Totally respect Nolan for never doing Robin since I always thought Robin was weird and found it unbelivable that this like 14 year old kid was kicking the crap not only out of grown men but grown men who were thugs, enforcers and in some cases super powered, always was a credibility gap for me there. So no Falcon please.


                      Although if they have Hawkeye in it I won't be upset because I know it will make my friend Hawk happy, lol.

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                        Wouldn't just Cap be him sitting around his apartment doing the daily crossword puzzle?  I'm not sure audiences will be ready for such an intense movie.


                        I wonder if they'd touch the civil rights movement that Cap missed through Falcon?  They avoided a lot of that in Cap 1 with no one batting an eye toward Gabe Jones and there was only offhand comments toward Jim Morita and Peggy Carter.  It's a different director though so who knows what we'll see as part of the man out of time storyline, but I think it'd be a waste to only focus on the technology.  There was a great scene from the Avengers: EMH volume 1 by Joe Casey (unrelated to the cartoon) that had Cap visting the Vietnam wall that I think would be fun to see.  Just Cap looking about all the wars and 9/11 that he missed while on ice.  I'm sure they'd want to avoid getting political, but I think it's important to see him react to just how many huge events happened since he was frozen.  Kinda like Leeloo reacting to learning about all the wars and nuclear weapons man created in The Fifth Element (though I'm sure Iron doesn't like that movie, haha).


                        Personally, I like Robin and I think he's important for Batman's psyche.  Robin is there to stop Bats from spiraling into his broody moping as well as be his foil and I think a lot of the Robin hate is misplaced.  I don't think he's ever been as much of the loner as he's made out to be.and in fact has a pretty big support system of friends despite acting grouchy at times.

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                          Robin was also Batman's outlet for all the sexual frustration he had, poor Robin, lol. Also it depends who is writing Batman on whether he is too broody. Quite frankly Miller and the modern take on Batman is too dark and broody for my tastes as Batman is practically mentally deranged and instead of using his parents death as a motivation to fight crime it has become a pathology that makes the character almost unhinged.


                          I liked Cap just didn't think he and Carter had any chemistry, doesn't mean I didn't like the movie but whereas you guys rate it up there as your fav Marvel movie after Avengers, and if you guys think Cap was better than Avengers then you are crazy, lol,  I rate it behind IM and Thor but part of that is because I like Thor and IM better and part of that is because you guys like Cap better.


                          So you don't think SR doing crosswords puzzles would be good entertainment. What I mean by solo is no sidekick. I do like Hawk's idea about showing all the things Steve has missed to create a sense of confusion and loss for the character. The one advantage this new director has is he is shooting Cap in modern day so really he doesn't have to worry overly much about what was shot before in regards to being too much like the first film. Since this director is completely unknown to me I have no idea what he can do but I am really hoping it is good.

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