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    Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.






      Are you interested in socializing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players your age but haven't been able to "weed out" all the adolescent gamers? Have you been unable to join traditional, time-consuming clans because, being responsible adult, you have had to juggle your free time with going to college, taking care of children, or being employed in a full time job? In short, are you interested in an online experience akin to "shooting the bull" with a group of drinking buddies? If so, then BO2 Gunslingers is the right place for you!







      We are fortunate to have over 4,000 adults registered on our homepage.

      We have the largest collection of parents.  We have the largest collection of married couples.  We have the largest collection of mature, casual gamers.  And we have the largest collection of hard working men and women members.



      If you would like to join the club, you need only to fulfill two things:

      Be at least 18 years of age or older.

      Register your membership at our forum:  http://www.gunslingergaming.com/phpbb


      That's it!  We don't ask for resumes, kill/death ratios, probation periods, or any other sort of silliness.  You just want to have fun, right?  So do we!  If you would like to learn more about membership with the Gunslingers, feel free to visit our "Membership" page of at our website: 








      We like to ascribe the Gunslinger experience akin to having drinks with some buds after work or partying with them on the weekends.  Nothing stops the music faster than a few knuckleheads, so we do have a few guidelines we expect people to follow during their stay:


      -Pornographic and/or obscene material is prohibited.


      -Self promotion by new members will likely be treated as spam. This includes promotion of own non-commercial websites.


      -No personal attacks on other members or various sorts of offensive behavior is allowed.


      -No glitching/hacking/cheating.  We define such as purposefully accessing the game's programming or abusing a flaw in the programming to achieve an act or status that is not intended or possible otherwise.







      The Gunslingers experience is as simple and non intrusive as joining up with other adults your own age and playing some games at your convenience.  For those of you who like to take part in activities, events, and communications beyond that simple formula, we offer several popular, optional features as well:


      Forum ~we discuss everything under the sun within our extensive forums~



      Chat ~we use our multiple chats to find out when members are playing, exchange contact information, or for some friendly chit-chat~ http://www.gunslingergaming.com/html/chat.html


      Frosty Pints ~our infamous Saturday get-togethers fueled by booze~



      Events ~regularly scheduled tournaments, raffles, and free give-aways~

      See Event Calendar!


      Theater Chat ~Watch movies while chatting with fellow GSers~



      Event Calendar ~Our handy calendar that lets you view and sign up for Gunslinger Events~



      Arcade ~Play classic arcade games such as Frogger and Pac-Man with GS member exclusive leaderboards~



      Blog ~Read interviews given exclusively to the Gunslingers~



      ...and much, much more!



      Thank you for taking the time to view our clan's topic!  I wish you the best in your Call of Duty: Black Ops II endeavors!




      The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Clan for Adults.

      The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Clan for Parents.

      The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Clan for Mature, Casual Gamers.


      Gunslingers - Blazing the trail for older gamers since 2007.


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          1. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

          Since joining GS almost 2 yrs ago, I have made so many new and great people there I can consider my friends. Everyone is so laid back and just goes with the flow. That's the best part of being apart of a casual clan like GS. So check us out, and I hope to see ya soon with a beer in hand for Frosty Pints.

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            2. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

            Been with Gunslingers since Aug 2011. It's EXACTLY what it says it is. If you want to chill out with some people you have stuff in common with (family, kids, work etc) then you should do yourself a favour and come and check us out.

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              3. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

              It has been awhile since I have posted a recruiting update in regards to the arcade games the Gunslingers clan has been installing into our website, but the tradition is certainly still going on.  In fact, every week for the last two years, without fail, we add a new game to the GS Arcade.  Sometimes it is a racing game.  Sometimes it is a space shooter or of a puzzle solving fare.  Regardless of the genre, they are all exclusively for our GS members to play and attempt to add themselves to the high score list.  For times when we can't play Call of Duty (like, say, when a significant other MUST watch the series finale of House), those arcade games serve as a good way to still communicate with other GSers while enjoying a bit of gaming.


              The fully customized and ever expanding Gunslinger Arcade is yet another example of how we provide a casual, mature gaming experience above and beyond other adult orientated clans out there.  We are aware that, since we first hit the scene back in 2007, many other groups for older gamers have sprang up.  Sometimes, we see our words echoed by them.  That, in the end, is great.  It was the Gunslingers clan, however, who wrote those words and can deliver on their promise. 


              We are the original


              That is why we give public shout-outs to new members frequently on our site and in our recruiting threads.  That is why nearly all of our clan's content is viewable by guests while so many others trying to promise the same things hide all their content (or lack there of) until you join. That is why our clan's website feature NO advertisements or banner ads.  That is why we, on a monthly basis, post interviews of randomly selected GS members in our blog.  That is why we don't require probation periods or try outs.  That is why we will always value and reward sociability over rank.


              We are the Gunslingers.  Everything we do is geared towards offering like-minded adults a place to kick their feet up and game on your own schedule, within your own time restraints.  We will always be about having a good time.  And you are welcome to join in on the fun.


              The Call of Duty: Black Ops II Clan for Adults.


              The Gunslingers - We set the standard for adult clans.

              Gunslinger Gaming

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                4. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

                Summer time = Grilling, Drinking, Swimming and being outdoors. But, when all of the crazyness is done and you want to enjoy some virtual time away from the family, Gunslingers is the place to be. We recognize all consoles and just about every new game out there. So check us out at http://www.gunslingergaming.com and We hope to see ya in the forums and the Battlefield.

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                  5. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.



                  It is crazy to think that the Gunslingers group has been together for five years as of June 2012.  We started off as a ten member in-game only clan back in 2007, and now we have over 4,000 members and a uniquely welcoming attitude. Ever steadfast in our commitment in defying the perceived laws of clan tradition, we continue to support our members in their freedom of being treated like the rest of us from day-one of their membership in GS, game with them around their demanding work schedules, and promising a homebase to their gaming experience that will always be respectful and civil.  A person needs not look far to see that is not truly common on the internet, particularly within gaming clan circles.


                  Thank you GS Leaders, Toezer, Korchie, Scars, BJS, Scope, Misfit, Slammer, Balki, goppfather, Teufel, Fed Architect, FishinNick, conbrio, Captain Scarlet, and BlastingSlick1, for your proactive dedication towards fielding concerns and helping the rest of us get the most out of the GS experience.  Your presence has made a profound difference.


                  Thank you Gunslinger members for putting weight to my recruiting words.  It is quite easy to post recruiting threads claiming such and such attributes to a group experience, but it is all of you through your practice of treating each other with respect, always welcome new members in their Introduction threads, volunteered willingness to help out your fellow members online (and, at times, offline), and working from a mindset of paying forward civility that have made Gunslingers grow throughout the years.  Thank you.


                  Also, we have had a staggering number of new members walk through our saloon doors in the last twenty-one days just in time to take part in our 5th Anniversary.  Normally, I would copy the list here, but in the interest in keeping this post of reasonable length, I will instead supply the following URL:

                  GunslingerGaming.com • View topic - New Member Round-Up (May 16th to GS Anniversary!)


                  Welcome aboard and thank you all for joining the Gunslingers!


                  Fellow adults looking for a clan experience that is free of silly probation periods, degrading try-out sessions, and toxic clan communications, I invite you to check out the Gunslingers.  Nearly all our content is public, so scan through it.  Click around our group site.  If you like what you see, sign up!  We would love to have you as a member, and, when it comes to offering a home for parent and hard working adult gamers, more the merrier!


                  Again, we are celebrating the Gunslingers 5 Year Anniversary throughout the month of June.  We have a number of events planned to honor such a community milestone, and some of which we already have announced.  Here is that growing list:


                  GS Anniversary HeadQuarters - An entire forum section dedicated to all things anniversary related.

                  Anniversary Give-Away - All members are welcome to throw their name in the hat for a chance of winning an actual Frosty Pints mug.

                  Anniversary Raffle - All members are welcome to throw their name in the hat for a chance of winning a free rental from Redbox.

                  Frosty Pints Olympics - Throughout the month of June, we will be running a series of tournaments spanning over several games. Each will have a theme. All of them will be about catching up with friends we have all made throughout the year.

                  Arcade Tournament - Spanning until the end of June, aim your gun towards the top of the high score list for the game, West Gunfighter, installed in our GS Arcade.  The prize?  Your forum title will be changed to "2012 Arcade Champion."

                  ...and much, much more to come!



                  Regardless if you are a current or a potential member, thank you for taking the time to read about our Anniversary.


                  The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox360 Clan for Adults.

                  The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 Clan for Adults.

                  The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC Clan for Adults.


                  Gunslingers - Blazing the Trail for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.


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                    6. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

                    Black Ops holds a special place in my heart as it was the game where I met so many of my Gunslinger homies!!  While we wore the game out, and have tackled many since, I'm looking forward to getting back to where it began; Black Ops.  Hopefully the newest installment will be as good as the first.  Cheers to all my Gunslinger pals, and I'm hoping to meet many more.  Great times GS, and I can't wait for Black Ops 2!

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                      7. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

                      just remember McMurphy,


                      That GS Mug will be mine.

                      Oh yes. It will be mine.



                      And if you are looking for a great community to game with, check out http://www.gunslingergaming.com and see what what we are all about. Like Gopp, I have made so many new friends that I game with and joke around with. Even though we don't win every match, we have a great time trying.


                      Hope to see you on the Battlefields.

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                        8. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

                        We are still celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary as a group during the entire month of June!  If you are a fellow hard working adult looking for some simple, social gaming during your down time (Why complicate things?  We have bosses for that, right?), you are invited to join the Gunslingers!


                        Raffles, tournaments called the Frosty Pints Olympics (themed matches + beer = wait, who won?), and other celebratory events are taking place, so it is great timing to join in on the fun.  In fact, I have installed "Good Ol' Poker" in the Gunslingers Arcade today! 


                        Adults. Parents. Casual, Mature Gamers.  All are welcome. 


                        See you in Call of Duty!


                        Gunslingers - Blazing the Trail for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.


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                          9. Re: Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops II Clan for Adults.

                          Posted Image


                          Our ever welcoming Canadian friend, Dunkaroo69, has become a Gunslingers Leader.  Congratulations and thank you for your help!


                          Perhaps you want to toast Dunkaroo69.  Perhaps you want to toast the end of another work week.  Perhaps you just want to give toast for toast's sake.  Well, in that case, uncork those bottles of wine and uncap those bottlenecks because you are invited to the (in)famous GS tradition otherwise known as Frosty Pints!


                          Frosty Pints takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings, which actually means all day Friday and Saturday due to having members from time zones across the globe. (Quite the bender, huh!?) The busiest times tend to be from 3:00pm PST and on.


                          If you are interested in drinking some brews and playing some games with other hard working adults, visit http://www.gunslingergaming.com to join! 


                          The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox360 Clan for Adults.

                          The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 Clan for Adults.

                          The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC Clan for Adults.


                          Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Older Gamers since 2007.

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