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    Top 3 Hacker Clans of the week

      1st:CoRRuPteD/CoRRuPt clan:Uses all kinds of hacks you can imagine in Public LobbiesLots of them have usb geckos.They stay in Search and destroy.Where they host their xp lobbies.I asked their Leader CoRRuPteD x+LiF3+x why they hack and he responded "Because we like to hear the butthurt kids,men,and girls cry when they see us ruin theyre day!""He is planning on releasing his beta mod menu bypass this week!And we have to stop him somehow.


      2nd:oX.:Some of them are hackers.But are sometimes rage quiting.They hop accounts,and demote.Uses unlim uav and wall hack and redbox for the wall



      3rd:Infected:They associated with the CoRRuPteD Clan.They all use leaderboard mods to change positions,and they hack with aimbot,wallhack,redbox,and   impact mods. 


      Who ever is in charge of the patches.Patch the game up already!!!Please bump this.