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      Hello all,


      So as we can all see, this forum moves fast. Really, really fast actually, but that's the nature of things. So I wanted to go ahead and open up a thread to discuss some things.


      This is what I've got in the back of my mind regarding two things.


      Zombie Clans

      We seem to butt heads on this one and it ultimately isn't going to change. Clan threads have to go to the clan sub-forum, but we can possibly have a pinned thread highlighting them. We'd post some basic information a link to your thread.


      Pick Up Groups

      I'm fine with these just being posted, at random, when people need a group to play with. Would you rather it this way, or should we have a pinned thread for this too?


      So, how do you feel about these two? Anything else you'd like to discuss? Also please remember that I am just a forum moderator. I can't offer and don't have any time tables or information beyond what you guys have.


      Edit: I'm only going to discuss forum related content. This isn't a gernal Zombies idea discussion thread.


      - Foxy