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    Iron Man 3 Movie Discussion


      Hello all


      Well since I am the resident IM fan I thought it only fitting to start an IM3 movie thread since the movie is now in production. So this is the place to share your thoughts, what you like, what you don't like and have some fun

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          Just some quick thoughts.


          I love that they are doing Extremis although it seems many people are confused about what extremis is even comic book fans. So a quick explanation about what extremis is.


          It is a virus that has been designed to create a super soldier based somewhat off the work of Dr. Erskine who of course created the original super soldier formula that gave us Cap. Basically the virus is not one size fits all it can be tailored to create a specific set of skills and after it is injected into the individual the virus rewrites the the DNA sequencing to genetically engineer a super soldier.


          The extremis comics were writtten by Warren Ellis a well known sci fi author and the story was great, interesting, brutal, with some pretty interesting twists. I really hope they do not deviate too greatly from the original story as it is really well done, but I also understand they need to adapt it into a movie. I am really hoping that they leave the intensity in because IM or Tony gets in real, real trouble here when he fights the first extremis subject, I mean serious possible life ending trouble. I really hope they show that.


          As far as why there would be Iron Patriot I am stumped by that and also a little worried as the last thing I want is another armored villain in an IM movie. He has plenty of villains who are not armored so use them.


          If they do Mandarin and they really get Ben Kingsley then I am super excited about that because Kingsley is an excellent actor. If more recent incarnations of IM the Mandarin, while evi, is a very powerful busienss man who manipulates things around Tony Stark to crush him and only fights as a last resort. I don't see how the rings will be a big problem as with Avengers and Thor they have set the table for alien technology which is what the rings are. The rings were the power source that drove an alien ship that crashed landed on earth.


          All in all it is pretty exciting that we are less than a year away from another IM movie and with the success of Avengers hopefully Marvel will spend some of the money to make IM3 equal to or even greater than IM1. While IM2 was good it felt like a step down from the very excellent IM1. So Shane Black needs to step it up.

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            New rumor is that the "Iron Patriot" armor is just a new paint job for War Machine and the guy that is in it in the photos is the stunt double.  Not sure if I like the idea of them repainting WM since he looked just fine in IM2 but it may just be a brief thing or a quick nod to the Iron Patriot armor.


            I heard that they did increase IM3's budget after the massive box office of The Avengers so that is good news.

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              Great news Jad and thanks for the information. Love that the budget got cranked up, hopefully for some serious ass action shots!!!! Also interesting news on the IP armor and makes some sense.


              I also just read the news that it is indeed War Machine painted to look more patriotic. So it was supposed to be a bit of an easter egg that is now ruined for the movie. That is one thing about the internet, cell phone cameras and speculation they can ruin lots of stuff. Then you add in too many trailers and you can can take some of the surprise out of the movie.


              Great case in point was that they showed Hulk catching IM in the trailer should have definitely saved that one for the movie. They had lots of other short action sequences they could have shown. That was a dramatic moment that we should have seen for the first time in the film.

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                I agree with you about the internet and all that taking some of the surprise out of movies.  I have to balance my desire to know stuff about the production with the desire to keep things new for the theater experience.  I tried really hard to do that with The Avengers and it paid off.  I am trying to ignore any new stuff about TDKR until I see it in the theater.  It's not easy with all the info that gets spread so quickly about these big movies (and the fact that I visit websites that report on the stuff doesn't help! :lol: )  The other issue is how they edit trailers.  With the Hulk shot you mentioned they kind of tried to make it look like it was connected to the point where Iron Man attacks the portal when it first opens.  They did the same thing with Loki pushing Tony out the window.  They cut to the shot of Cap falling down on the car after he got pushed out of the window.  They think a lot of people won't realize that those shots don't go together, so it's just done to make the trailer look cool when really they are kind of spoiling some big moments (or at least pieces of them)


                I kind of makes me happy that the production for The Hobbit is in New Zealand and often in secluded locations so we don't see a lot of spy photos.  The behind the scenes production diaries that PJ posts on Facebook do a good job of showing just enough while still keeping the important stuff hidden.


                Of course the news about the armor being a repainted War Machine is really just a rumor at this point which may or may not end up coming true.  And we don't know how big of a part it will play in the movie.  I remember a quote by Jeremy Renner during the Avengers filming where he said something like he was the only one that could take Hulk down with his tranq tipped arrows and that ended up not meaning anything when it came to the movie.  Maybe something got cut out, or maybe it was just him talking.  It's hard to tell how everything will come together until the final product is seen.

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                  Thanks for the summary of Extremis.

                  I really hope they go with Mandarin for the villain in this next movie. I can't remember the last time he did something noteworthy. A movie would definitely put him on the map for Marvel to use him more.


                  I also heard rumors of Johansson not playing Black Widow in IM3, is that true?

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                    Hey Jad, You are so right as much spy stuff that gets out there is also the stuff that the director or the studio does to throw people off as well. Like you said it is hard to not want to watch everything but if you do it definitley takes some of the fun out of the movie.



                    GU so far I have seen no reports of SJ being in the movie at all. I am excited that Guy Pearce is in it because he is an excellent actor so that can do nothing but help the film. Excited to see Favs is going to continue to be HH, he does a great job in that role, lol.



                    The Mandarin is definitely in it but in this movie at least he will be behind the scenes and you are right if you don't follow IM then the Mandarin will be a complete mystery to most people including Marvel people. They have modernized the character fortunately because his early depections were a bit sterotypical and somewhat racist but now he is a bad ass, expert at the martial arts, very smart, ruthless and his ten rings of power are awesome. The fact that they have Ben Kingsley in this role is just so smart.


                    Glad you liked the extrmies run down and I am very anxious to see how they portary the extremis bad guy and that first fight with IM, it is really quite something in the comic more like a hardcore independent comic fight than a Marvel fight, absolutely brutal.

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                      I was wondering when you were gonna make this thread, haha.  Now we just need a Thor 2 thread since that movie is starting to gear up!  I really hope we get Enchantress and Executioner in that!

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                        @iron24 They've really struck gold with Kingsley, sort of like they did with casting RDJ as Tony lol


                        @Hawkeye Enchantress will be in Thor 2, I'd give you the link to the interview but I can't seem to insert it.

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                          GU yeah Kingsley is quality and so is Guy Pearce really pleased with the level of actors they are getting and have gotten. Bridges work as Stane was really, really good and kind of got lost in the RDJ acclaim. I loved the way Bridges played him understated for most of the movie and only at the end do you see he is a little bit nuts, lol.


                          Hawk you are right so maybe I will put one up, lol.

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