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    Thor 2 Movie discussion


      The God of Thunder is coming back and what's not to be excited about! Thor was a resounding success.


      Alan Taylor is set to direct and he is really good. I am sure some of you have seen my compliments regarding his direction of the Game of Thrones TV show on HBO. He has directed some of the best episodes and I have no doubt he will turn out an amazing Thor film.


      I am sure some of you have seen that Fandral has been recast due to the actor's committment to the show "Once Upon a Time". So the warriors three plus Sif will change a bit.



      GU excited that the Enchantress will be in this film very cool, and very hot, lol.

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          I'm disappointed they need tor recast Fandal, I liked the guy they picked.  Hopefully the next guy will be as good.


          Has it been confirmed we'll get Enchantress?  I know Hemsworth was talking about how much he'd love to get Charlize Theron for the part, though I think he also said he hasn't read any scripts either.

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            GU seems to be pretty certain about it but I have not seen anything specific, but it would make sense, she would be a great movie villain, sexy, grrr, ruthless, powerful, yeah that would be great. Theron would be awesome she has really surprised me as an actress.


            The Fandral stuff is a shame but he is too busy shooting the next season of Once upon a Time, lame, lol. Hopefully we get more of the warriors three and Sif in this movie, they were fun every time they were on screen.

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              ive made a disscussion abot thor 2

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                Sorry, marvelman726.  I locked the other thread because this thread was created first (the off topic section is probably a more appropriate place for it as well.  Your thread was in the Marvel superhero games section).  Feel free to continue to discuss the movie here and remember to check for pre-existing threads before starting a new one. 


                In movie related news.....looks like Zachary Levi confirmed that he will be playing Fandral in Thor 2.  Anthony Hopkins also mentioned that he thought that he would have some scenes with Natalie Portman (so maybe she gets transported to Asgard).  There may be more info revealed at Comic-con.

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                  Thanks for the information Jad, love it. Really hope NP gets to Asgard that would be great. One thing is for sure the chemistry between her and Hemsworth was great unlike her and Annaking in SW, that was probably the worst love story ever told in movie history the one between Padme and Annakin. Neither actor was able to rise above the horrilble dialouge and lack of chemsitry, just sad. Love Lucas for his ideas but his dialouge is terrible and he is not a good director as he was unable to get his actors to really bring it, outsdie of Ewan McGregor and the guy who played the Emperor, but everybody else even the good actors just came off as flat.


                  But back to Thor really excited about the news!!!

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                    I'm not sure as Levi as Fandral since I've only seen little commercial clips for Chuck, but it's pretty awesome to get Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins in a scene together!  I also think it makes sense that after Thor 1 was about Jane Foster showing her world to Thor, the sequel goes the other way where Thor takes Jane to his world.  Assuming the rainbow bridge is fixed or they find one of the back doors Loki had hinted at in the first Thor.  Hopefully no more "Odin used a lot of energy" reasoning they used in Avengers which was pretty weak, though I know they couldn't devote a lot of time to getting Thor back to Earth.  It just takes the punch outta the end of Thor when he gave his own happiness with Jane to stop Loki and strand himself in Asgard.

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                      It's sounding like there's gonna be more time spent in Asgard in this one, which would be awesome, since I thought the Asgard scenes were generally better than the Midgard ones in the first movie.

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                        More Asgard is good and more Heimdell he was awesome!!!


                        Hawk I thought the explanation of Odin using dark energy was good and Loki made it sound like it would have been hard for Odin to do and therefore only sent Thor because the earth was in danger from Loki and wouldn't send Thor just for love, lol, priorities you know, lol. But I do hope they repair the Rainbow bridge I mean they should be able to do it since they built it once. Do want to see NP hanging out in Asgard but will Odin approve of his son's love for a mere mortal, hmm.

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                          I'm really looking forward to Thor 2 after reading these and the villain is confirmed to be Malekith the accursed







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