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    need help about Mw2 BO and MW3 servers

      well i need help with connecting to these servers and this is what happens it starts up in the main screen of xbox live (xbox live is working) i click start game (mw2,BO,mw3) it starts up and i press the middle button and it brings up the screen and it says connect to xbox live i click on it and it says test connection click on that and it brings me to the connections and i press the middle button again and it says its working how do i connect to the severs please help!!!!

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          Re: need help about Mw2 BO and MW3 servers

          Well first they are not "servers", just FYI. When you play against someone you connect to them AFTER you join a lobby on the MS server.


          Have you been banned from any game ?


          Have you tried OTHER than a COD game to join ?


          Do you only have an xbox Live silver account ?


          Have you tried testing the connection BEFORE playing any game ?


          Why are you hitting the middle button ? assuming you mean the large X on your controller.


          Have you been banned of of Xbox Live ?


          Have you rebooted you modem or router ?


          And when you are testing the connection do you get ALL of the connections saying you are connected ?


          Have you modded any of those games ?


          When did this start ?


          So far without enough details that is the best I can offer right now. If you answer each question below the space I gave you someone else might be able to pitch in as well.


          PS Send me a Private Message here with your Gamertag. So that way you can keep your privacy.

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