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      In the past couple Cods theres always been a shotgun Ive fell in love with at some point. In MW2 the AA12 with a grip was fun to use, in BOPS it was a silenced SPAS.  But I just havent fell in love completely with one in this game. The main reason is that it seems to take soooo long to unlock the proficiencies for them that might make them good, and every time I come anywhere close to unlocking them ,its prestige time.


      I messed around with the USAS cause it seems to be the best OSK, but never unlocked the better prfcns. I think though Im starting to really like the striker. It reminds me of the feel of the BOPS silenced SPAS. About the same fire rate. But I havent unlocked range or damage for it. You have to get the weapon level in like the 30s.  Doesn anyone know how many kills it takes with the weapon to get the range, damage unlocked? now its almost time to prestige again, and I didnt unlock it again! Frustrating.

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          why not just use a prestige token to unlock it and use nothing but the shotgun whole time? i did that with my 1887. after i prestiged the first time i unlocked the 1887 and used that throughout my first and second prestige.


          what else would you use the token for? (cuz honestly, what would be worth it anyway)

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            Actually thats what I was planning to do this time around. Ive unlocked like 10 things. Id never use it on weapon or Double xp.  So Im with you.  It just seems like it takes so long, and you cant use it on every map really. Its really against my nature to run around like a headless chicken, but in tight corridors and rooms, nothing beats a shotty. Im dying to see what this things like with range or damage...Dont even know which one is better to use. Still want to know how many kills it takes, or if theres a way to even tell.

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              The 1887, in my opinion, is the most satisfying shottie to use.  It was a long road to getting the Gold camo, but it is so worth it.

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                i dont know how many kills it takes, but i do know that the challenges for the weapons do help A LOT. i would say that you could judge how many kills it takes by the amount of kills needed to complete the challenges.

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                  I think when I hit 20, I'll try a bunch of them. Just too painfull to earn knowing I will just give it away.  The striker with grip comes pretty early and is bareable.

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                    Dont prestige

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                      i golded the USAS and the Striker and they both become totally different weapons when you unlock range.  totally worth the long road to unlocking it.  between the two, I love the gold USAS with range and grip.  it is an absolute beast.  I find myself feeling guilty using the Striker with range and grip.  it's almost too easy to slay.  i only pull it out when i go up against a team of striker jacka$$es or akimbo FMG fools.  try them all out and pick the one that feels the most like home

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                        See thats the thing. I like the striker and I havent even unlocked the range yet. Hmm

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                          9. Re: Shotguns

                          Do you think range is better than damage?  I use damage on my striker,  AA12, and USAS right now.

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