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        Disney is developing a new IM cartoon, yay.

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          I heard about that new Iron Man cartoon.  This must been Armored Adventures is over.  It was a good show, though I'm not as sad to see it good as I am EMH.  Have you seen any of the second half of season two?  I know it started up a few weeks ago but I keep forgetting to watch.  I also wonder if this new IM show will tie into the other shows on Disney XD.

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            Personally, I'm fine with Armored Adventures ending, since season 2 has been pretty bad, for the most part, in my opinion.  I couldn't help but laugh at the last episode for being just awful.  Probably because it was a Justin Hammer episode.  Every episode with him is just awful.  Course, if we get some more Mandarin episodes at the end of the season, it might pick up a little bit, since the Mandarin episodes are always the best ones.


            It's too bad the show's taken such a hit in quality, too, since season 1 was pretty good, I thought.  I'm not even sure how it took as big a drop this season as it did.  It's crazy.  Recent episodes always go up on the nicktoons website, if you wanna watch the episodes you've missed, though, Hawk.

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              Season two has been a dip in quality compared to season one.  Part of it is definitely Justin Hammer being such a large focus and he's bloody annoying, but I think there was also a change in show runners.  I'm too lazy to check but Yost might've have a bigger role in season one and he's proven to be pretty good on EMH.  Yeah, I'll have to check em out online, but I keep forgetting to do that too, haha.

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                I don't really know if there's been a change or not, but it definitely seems like it.  Can't see how the same people could suddenly make a much worse show just one year later.  I'm not sure you're missing much by forgetting, though, Hawk.  I might just ignore the rest of the season, though I guess I might try watching if there's some Mandarin episodes.

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                  Yeah I have not seen many of the 2nd half shows and one of the problems for me is I record on my DVR and everytime I tried to look ahead it would never tell me if it was a new or a repeat and so I am just going to buy it on DVD and watch it. They did an extremis which was really weak and the show has not been as good as season 1.


                  It will be interesting to see how they go after it I kind of hope they try to take a little direction away from the RDJ Stark for the cartoon and make him a little more serious but probably will use the EMH Tony Stark who I don't like that much. But I cannot complain too much my fav hero is getting cartoon after cartoon I should probably shut up, lol. Although Japanese Iron Man was terrible.

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                    That's weird.  Didn't it work fine for the first season?


                    I don't know, given what they're doing with Avengers Assemble I think Tony will end up acting even more like RDJ.

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                      I really hope the Mandarain is the villain

                      I like him

                      ....okay, I just like the rings.

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                        It looks like we may be getting more of Maria Hill in IM3!  She was pretty good in her limited role in Avengers and I'm interested to see how she'll be used in IM.  Probably gonna give Tony a hard time with whatever stunt he's pulling, haha.

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                          Yeah I liked Maria Hill from How I met your mother, lol. She was tough and cute. Hopefully she will be a burr to Tony no doubt.

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