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    Blind eye and Assassin perks

      After the way ghost perk spoiled Blops by making it slow paced and giving people the ability to blend in and be invisible, i was surprised to see a simular setup in mw3 with the blind eye and assassin perks making players immune to everything! it has been said recon perk would counter this setup but i personally doubt it. At least in blops there was the blackbird that would show up ghost users but in mw3 they are immune to everything! I suggest disabling the silencer attachment when blind eye or assassin perks are used so people cannot abuse the perks and camp undetected spoiling the game for everyone.

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          1. Blind eye and Assassin perks

          I think the only way they have balanced it now is that you now have to use 2 perks instead of one for ghost in Blops. So your giving up SoH for Blind EYe. However, the way i'm gonna do it in MW3, is use assasin and soh and probably sitrep and then when an enemy gets a chopper or osprey gunner or ac-130 etc. I will just switch to a class with Blind Eye in it. Another factor is that you probably wont be able to have Blind Eye and assasin by level 4 unllike Black Ops.

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            2. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

            It will be balanced. Like Nickofoz has said you are using 2 perks just to have ghost pro. You must sacrifice SoH and Quick draw. Most people in black ops used ghost with SoH for the faster ADS. Now you cannot do that, so a player that wants all stealth will have a disadvantage in frontal assaults against people with SoH and quick draw.

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              3. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

              i think the advanced UAV picks up the assassin perk. I won't be using assassin but think how many UAVs will be called in, in a game?? deffo shouldn't have a "ghillie" suit. However this prtk i believe will dominate the 2nd perk slot due to the amount of UAVs called in unfortunately. Why cant they just shoot UAVs down instead of using assassin!?

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                4. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

                No, advandced UAV doesnt pick up Assasin users.

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                  5. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

                  don't they have a blackbird here 2 that should be able to let you see people with the assasing perk it work in BO. Also wouldn't the EMP take away your assasing perk for a little while?

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                    6. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

                    i use ghost but i never use a silencer

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                      7. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

                      I think Blind Eye, Assassin & Dead Silence--when all upgraded to Pro--counter way TOO MUCH. I mean, they counter enemy air support, sentry guns, UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors, Portable Radars, Thermal Scopes, Counter-UAVs, EMPs, and the Recon Perk all while simultaneously giving you quiet movement, remvoing red name, crosshairs & fall damage. I'm sorry, it's too stealthy. Now campers can hide on their perch & jump to safety when you're shooting them & survive it.


                      In my opinion, NO perk should counter UAVs. The only counter to a UAV should be the Counter UAV.  And don't give me that Recon Drone, garble -- a PSR that lasts a minute or less is NOT a counter. This perk setup (I 100% guarantee it) is going to be like Ghost/Hack ProPro.

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                        8. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                        I think it's completely unfounded at this point to complain about Assassin and Blind Eye. It's also completely off base to compare Ghost Pro in Black Ops to Assassin and Blind Eye in MW3. Both very different games with different balance.


                        First of all, there are more options for killstreaks in MW3 in the way of Strike Packages. Obviously, Specialist will have no UAV. Since Assault Strike Package kills "chain", you're likely going to see the ever present and popular Predator to start the chain. Lastly, with regards to Support, the UAV is at 4, and since that streak persists through death, the player will have to "get through" all their streaks before it resets and goes back to the UAV. I also imagine a lot of people will run higher things in the Support Package like Ballistic Vests, Stealth Bomber, and Juggernaut.


                        In Black Ops there were no options and because killstreaks don't chain (count towards the next), so people rarely risked the higher killstreaks. Ultimately, Ghost became overpowered not because of what it was, but because UAV spam (from Hardline) because so prevelant.


                        Personally, I consider myself an above average "veteran" and I do not use Ghost in Black Ops. I use Hardline and Flak Jacket mainly, and sometimes run Lightweight. Considering you can shoot down a UAV in seconds or throw up a Counter, I find Ghost pretty useless. Hardline Pro is awesome in Black Ops (Especially with a Care Package) and Hardline Pro and Blast Shield Pro will be even more epic in MW3. Those will be my choice perks for Tier 2 and I will probably run Blind Eye Pro so I can shoot down UAVs even quicker.

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                          9. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                          Do you know if Assassin or Blind eye can counter Advance UAV

                          ( Imagine its like a Blackbird)? Also there is the recon drone so

                          we dont know if taggin a person can be countered by these 2 perks?

                          The least we can expect Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer to fix these

                          perks by the players demands. The last thing I want to clarify is that

                          these perks take up the 1st and 2nd slot leaving them to defend

                          themselves with the 3rd perk ( which usually arent that OP).


                          Guys come on we kicked ( I dont know if Im allowed to use the word ass) butt

                          against the noobs that used cold blooded in mw2 and ghost in BO.



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