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    The Wolverine (movie)

      Ian McKellen ready to become magneto once again




      [thread re-named to reflect movie title - 11/18/10 - Jadryx]

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          The next thing I will be looking forward to after Wolverine will be Magneto. I would struggle to say which one I think will be better. I'd lean one way, and then think... But...... And vice versa.

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            Meh.don't really think magneto one will be good.

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              Really? I think a Magneto film could be amazing. He's one of the most interesting villains in the Marvel Universe and he's had an incredible life leading up to the super villain he later becomes. If they cover during the concentration camp, Eric meeting Charles and their friendship, and have it ending with them fighting and going their separate ways to form their own teams, the film can be great. It probably won't be as action-packed as the other films but it can definitely be powerful.

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                maybe in the second one, Wolverine will be in Japan

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                  I think Wolverine has a more interesting backstory than Magneto

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                    Think about all the movies that will be done... A Spiderman 4 with Morbius is something I have seen circling around as a rumour, X-men Origins Wolverine to be a multiparter (maybe), Magneto would deserve the same in that case, and also other members of the X-men. They should go with Deadpool sooner rather than later. It'd be easier to get people to go to see someone who is more well known than him, while they could cash in off his success from the Wolverine one.

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                      Deadpool movies got a real chance of making Deadpool more well recognised and loved

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                        Not  too excited for Magneto since he isn't really a cahracter I like. Mabye rent it though. I rally think it would be best to keep Wolverine a one part. He is my favorite X-Men but I would prefer just one movie all about him.


                        I also want a partial redo of the X-Men series. Now some poeple don't argree with me on this but I think WOlverine should stay but... they 1. shouldnt focus all on him or mostly on him, it shoud be about everyone 2. Don't kill off big characters, like Cyclops 3. keep the original X-Men but also Wolverine. That is the part most people disagree w/ me on but to each is to own. He is my second favorite X-Men and thye just kill him off like that. ANd Jean and the Professor(kinda) The Professor could be alive if you watch after the credits in XM3 but what is he going to do now? Have seriuous reconstruction to look like his old self? Well those are my thoughts

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                          Interesting tidbit at the end of that article

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