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    Character Classes:  Helping You Create a Balanced Team

      Hi.  As some of you may know, RPG's and Action-RPG's usually have different character types.  MUA2 is one of the latter.  So, I'm making this thread to help you decide how to balance your team. 


      There are 4 basic character types, in my opinion, with a couple extra types.  They are:


      -The Tank:  The Tank is usually a character who can take and deliver massive amounts of damage.  They are often larger than the other characters, and both their powers and there normal fighting abilities inflict humongous amounts of damage to enemies.


      -The Sniper:  The Sniper is a character who can hang back and blast away at bosses and normal foes alike.  Their melee abilities are usually not great, but they make up for it with a good arsenal of ranged powers.  Just be sure to avoid getting surrounded, or it could turn ugly. 


      -The Brawler:  The Brawler is similar to the Tank in that their melee abilities are great.  However, if you're using a Brawler it's often better to focus on their melee abilities rather than powers.  There are exceptions, as some Brawlers have both great melee and powers, but it generally goes the way of the former.


      -The Leader:  The Leader is basically an all around character, who can usually fill the roles of the other three classes.


      -The Support:  An extra class, the support character usually has a boost or debuff that can get your team out of a jam. 


      -The Shockwave:  Another extra class, the shockwave is a character with a great radial power that can knock enemies off their feet.


      -The Flier:  The final extra class, the flier is just that; a character who can navigate obstacles by flight/teleportation/webswinging/ice slides.