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        I think they needed to make a Spec. Ops team bonus that was Cable, Deadpool, Wolverine and Psylocke or Gambit.

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          Cable is MY FAVORITE Player right NOW to me hes the BEST OVERALL PLAYER"¦ He has a Great Crowd Control move because i jus love seeing his fist slam on the floor and have such a great impact seeing the Goons Fly away now thats some Tank $#!% that i LOVE... i wish other players had that move"¦ I love his combat moves kinda slow but with great damage"¦ His Mini Bombs Kick Ass too... love using that move when A crowd of goons charge towards u...  and His Boss Killer Shot Kicks Major ASS TOO... I LOVE ME SOME CABLE

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            Though I love cable and hes a great character(i always have him on my team) im am sadly disappointed with him. All but one of his attacks use only his gun and the first one isnt useful at all, it does little damage for a medium cost of energy. He would be a lot better off if he had at least one good TK attack. for players who have never heard of him they would think hes just a guy from the future with a big gun. thats it. they didt try to show off his mutant side whatsoever. other than that though, i am really glad that they added him in as playable and is the DLC character i use the most.

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