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        No, he is not. Would conflict with the X-Men bonus.

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          Oh ok thanks. I didn't know that teams can't overlap each other.

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            Oh ok thanks. I didn't know that teams can't overlap each other.


            Yeah, if they didnt put Jean Grey in the Natural Forces bonus than he would count but since there is already 3 X-Men in that bonus he would conflict.

            • 813. Re: Magneto

              I really love Magneto in this game

              I've been using him A LOT lately

              I love how when he does his fusion with Wolverine how it makes objects all over the area get blown back

              cool effect

              his fusions are great

              and his moves are fun and awesome to see

              they look as powerful as they are

              they did a really great job with him

              • 814. Re: Magneto

                i love how he handles in the game he is awesome


                one of my favorite characters in game so far

                • 815. Re: Magneto

                  I agree

                  I wasn't too psyched about him initially

                  but I find myself using all the time!

                  he's so much fun

                  • 816. Re: Magneto

                    Yeah you know, while flying, use his blades up close, apparently the get stuck bouncing on the floor, dealing the damage over and over.


                    Same applies to Iron Man and Songbird's projectile powers, Songbird's being the most devastating.


                    which one for songbird? her rapid tap? its supposed to bounce off of walls, right?

                    • 817. Re: Magneto

                      Disappointment sorry he is... for me anyways he only has 2 cool moves the Trap move and the Raising Blades of the Ground... i dislike that his crowd control move doesnt look as cool as his other 2 moves and i dislike his Magnetic Wave Only Stuns people while Juggs and Hulks VErsion of the Move KNock em Back but besides that hes cool... i cant wait to actually use him 2moro i only used him a lil bit cuz i jus lOVE CABLE

                      • 818. Re: Magneto

                        Considering that in the real world magnetism and electricity are two inseparable aspects of the same thing, Magneto should be able to deal Electricity damage with at least one of his powers. 


                        If they end up making MUA3 or XML3 and Magneto is included in the roster, they should give him a power that deals Electricity damage.  They could call it Electromagnetic Induction.  It could have a wide area of effect similar to Jean's Pyrokine Blast (i.e., hits everything in front of him, but not behind him), or it could be a radial.


                        From a gameplay perspective, giving Magneto another damage type would only make him that much more versatile and dangerous.

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