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    Phantom: Lethal Protector.

      Volume 1: A New Generation.

      Chapter 1: Below.

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          Extra Space. 1

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            Extra Space. 2

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              Character Bios

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                Phantom: Rebirth.

                Volume 1.

                Chapter 1.


                A car speeds down the streets of New York, and in a nonstop movement, drives straight into the first national bank in America. Several criminals probably looking to rob the place jump out of the car, each holding a different weapon.


                Criminal #1: H-h-ho!! Man that was awesome!! Ted you see that?


                Ted: Uh yeah I was right in the car José


                José: Right right.


                José pulls out two pistols and pushes the tips of them into a bank clerk's face. A different criminal throws a bag and the clerk catches it.


                José: Give me every last dime! And if I hear any resistance from the police or the security guards I'm blowing your brains out!!


                Clerk: O-o-o-okay just don't shoot!


                The clerk starts to put all the money in the bag. The criminals in the background are talking or smoking. Suddenly one of the criminal's heads jerk to the side as if he was being punched, and his body jerks over as if he was punched in the stomach. His head jerks one more time to the right before losing consciousness. The body is dragged behind a column.


                ????: Word of advice, lay off the hotdogs.


                The invisible figure crouches behind a column, waiting for the robber that was walking his way to come near enough for contact.


                ????: Come on come on come on.


                The robber just walks near the column, and suddenly, his head slams against the column, and he falls unconscious.


                Robber: Any of you seen Ted?


                Robber #2: No why?


                Robber: Eh, no reason.


                The Robber who asked the question walks into the shadows to look for Ted, and he feels two feet slam into his back, causing him to jerk forward, his head hammering against the wall, causing him to be knocked out.


                ????: That was one hell of a dropkick. Rey Mysterio should see me now.


                The Robber is dragged behind a column.


                There were three robbers left including José, the possible leader of the group. Suddenly something pounds against the head of José, but he isn't knocked out and barely dazed.


                ????: Uh oh.


                José: AH! GET THE MUTIE! GET 'IM!


                ????: We prefer the term, Homo Superior to all of you.


                José: You saying your better than us humans?


                ????: No I was mainly talking to your little group there.


                José starts firing off rounds in the direction of the voice.


                ????: Ha ha! You missed me! You missed me"¦ please don't kiss me.


                One of the robbers pulls out a Machine Gun while the other pulls out a shotgun.


                ????: Crap!


                Bullets start flying in the direction of the voice and everywhere else. Suddenly the robber with the shotgun is pulled under the ground.


                Robber with Machine Gun: GAH! HE'S UNDER US!


                Bullets start to fly into the ground. Then the machine gun the Robber is holding is ripped out of his hands, and the stock pounds onto his temple, knocking him out cold.


                José: AAAHH!!!


                José shoots in the direction of the machine gun.


                ????: GYAAA!!


                The figure comes into shape. The person was 5'10", very slim but still muscular. He was currently wearing a tight black shirt with a hood, and jeans. Blood seeped from the bullet wound on the top of his shoulder. The bullet only seemed to graze the persons shoulder.


                José: Your just a kid!! A stupid kid!!


                ????: Unnngh"¦ Spiderman was just a kid.


                José: Yeah and look where he is now, six feet under!


                José starts firing rounds toward the figure who jumps, rolls, and flips out of the way. Eventually the person roundhouse kicks José into the counter, knocking him out. The person stands over the body of José for a minute before hearing police sirens in which he turns invisible.


                Policeman #1: Get your hands"¦ in the air?

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                  Several policemen burst through the bank door to see bullet holes in the walls and floors, and all of the criminals knocked out.


                  Policeman #2: This reminds me of when I saw Spiderman in this very bank, stopping a robbery.


                  Policeman #1: You think he's back in town? Ehehe.


                  Policeman #2: Hey show some respect, that man was a hero.


                  The figure slips past the policemen and out onto the streets of New York. The invisible figure sits down in an alleyway and turns visible again.


                  ????: Ungh"¦ you are such an idiot Jake.


                  The figure revealed to be named Jake, flips down his hood. He is Caucasian, brown hair, and good looking. His eyes are a bright neon green. He is a teenager, possibly 17, maybe 18.


                  Jake: Now where am I going to go to patch this up?


                  Jake thinks over this for a moment.


                  Jake: M-Miles' house.


                  Jake stands up, and turns invisible. He runs out of the alley and a mile north. Eventually he reaches Miles' house in Brooklyn. Jake turns visible and walks to the front door. Jake sloppily knocks on the door, and Miles' Hispanic mother opens it.


                  Miles' Mother: Oh goodness!! What happened!


                  Jake doesn't answer, he just falls unconsciously into Miles' Mother's arms. Jake wakes up several hours later, in a bedroom.


                  Jake: W-wuuhhh?


                  Jake looks over at his shoulder to see it patched up. Jake sits up when Miles walks in.


                  Miles: What the hell happened man!?


                  Jake: Cl-close the door.


                  Miles closes the door and leans on the wall, waiting for Jake's answer.


                  Jake: I stopped a bank robbery"¦


                  Miles: Jake! What did I tell you? We shouldn't do this! People get hurt when they try to be the hero.


                  Jake: Spiderman was two years younger than me when he started! Why can't we!?


                  Miles: Spiderman was a saint, but he was damn crazy too.


                  Jake: So what are we supposed  to do Miles? Huh? You're just gonna sit back in your house, with all your abilities, and do NOTHING?!?


                  Miles: We can't do this! I mean we'll get beaten up the first time we try!


                  Jake: I stopped a bank robbery today at the cost of a little shoulder wound! You have no excuses!


                  Miles: What about Ma? What if I get hurt, it'll kill her!


                  Jake: Your mom is basically like a mom to me. She told me thinks the same way! She fixed me up, and she isn't dead!


                  Miles: Yeah.. But"¦


                  Jake: When you grow a pair, and can get out of your little science world, you come and talk to me.


                  Jake stands up, gets on his hoodie, and walks out the door.

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                    Very funny start to what will hopefully be an excellent fanfic.

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                      Thank you! Also a fancomic, but Im first writing the fan fic xD

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                        And it's good. :)

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