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        I have to ask you a question what was the first fanfic comic you ever read when you joined Hero HQ


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          I don't know, now maybe you should try working on more chapters.

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            I don't know that's how far I have thought about for the comic the first 2 chapters. I may get my friend to help me this weekend. BTW Prime how long did it take you to think and make your comic/ did you post like one volume in one night or did you havge to think of it and get ideas about it day to day?

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              Then think up more, brainstorm.

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                Yeah. These things should be thought out before. I mean you don't have to have it written about but just know what's the next chain of events.

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                  Especially since this thread is already into page 5 and you've only done 2 chapters.

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                    Chapter 3 Volume 1


                    2 days later the funeral for Mark Edheart parents aunt and uncle was held at the local church held for war veterans


                    Billie Joel's Live and Let Die was playing in the background for Edheart parents uncle and aunt as they were honored with American Flags on their coffins.


                    Preacher: These four people have served our community by fighting in wars for us to protect our lives and fight to protect the freedom of America.


                    They have touched and changed our lives with the generosity they gave to help out local charities.


                    They were the nicest people I have ever met and it pains me that there are gone.


                    But at long as they are remembered in history their names will never be forgotten no matter how long ago they have died no matter what war they served in they will always be honored as fighters for our freedom to protect America.


                    After the preacher was done speaking the 21 guns salute was done.


                    Mark had a sad look on his face and he had no one to turn to.


                    Just then a navy soldier walked up and said I'm so sorry about your parents


                    Mark: Thanks


                    Navy Soldier: You can stay at my place if you want.


                    Mark: Thanks for the offer but I don't feel like moving on yet.


                    My parents wanted me to go to college


                    I can't fulfill that dream anymore


                    Navy Soldier: Don't give up when you give up on your dreams you are giving up on yourself so no matter what is in the way you can't let that stop you.


                    I wanted to be in the Navy and I did but I was at the lowest rank and I almost gave up on myself but then a huge explosion happened and the only people left were me and some other navy soldiers at my same rank.


                    I knew we were in war territory but the other Navy Soldiers saw my courage that no other General had and they trusted me to be their leader.


                    When I got back from the area the Generals said I won the war but I gave my honor to the soldiers who helped me.


                    Mark: Wow! That was some pretty good advice about you not giving up on yourself.


                    I think I just be at your place for a while. Oh I forgot to ask you what's your


                    Navy Soldier: James Web yours?


                    Mark Mark Edheart nice to meet you


                    James Web: nice to meet you to


                    to be continued

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                      Chapter 4 Volume 1


                      1 day later


                      Mark: I should have thought of a costume for myself before I became a good guy.


                      Damn it!


                      I wonder where I can go to get a costume for myself


                      Aw now I remember I can get a costume at the place where I was given the super soldier serum and Oz my secret lab I haven't been in for ages


                      Mark heads towards his secret lab that no one knows about except the people that were there that gave him the serum and Oz


                      When he gets there he finds James Web behind him


                      Mark: What the hell are you doing here?


                      James Web: That's the same question I was going to ask you


                      Mark: Get the hell out of here!


                      James Web: Only if you explain what you are doing here


                      Mark: I am here to create a costume for myself


                      James Web: To become a villain or superhero?


                      Mark: A superhero of course I decided to become a superhero after my family was shot and killed by a burglar that came into my house


                      So could you please go now?


                      James Web: I'll go and I have to be at the Navy right now so bye


                      James walks out of Mark's secret lab and heads to the Navy


                      After James walks out Mark designs his costume his wings for his costume and glider.


                      it took 6 hours to have it completely done


                      Mark: Perfect now all I need to do is think myself of a superhero name


                      I know Hobgoblin


                      Yes! The name sounds perfect so look out New York Hobgoblin is back and better than ever


                      to be continued

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                        Chapter 5 volume 1


                        Hobgoblin: I like the suit it feels like me and the design looks awesome


                        Hobgoblin turns on the local news inside his helmet


                        Mews Reporter: There has been a robbery @ Times Square


                        No one knows what the robber stole but after he left with the stolen item he started to burn the building


                        The fire marshals just arrived at the scene now and they are putting out the fire before it gets out of control


                        Now to your local weather with Ricky Bobby


                        Hobgoblin turns off the news in his helmet


                        Hobgoblin: I got to stop that robber before he burns down another building he would steal items from


                        Helmet give me the coordinates of the robber that burned down the building in Times Square


                        Helmet: The robber is on 5th Avenue and still running


                        Hobgoblin follows the coordinates his helmet tells him and they lead him to the robber


                        Hobgoblin Holt right there robber if you take another step you will be killed


                        Robber: Over my dead body


                        Hobgoblin and robber start having a firefight


                        Hobgoblin throws pumpkin bombs @ the robber and the robber starts shooting Hobgoblin with an AK-47


                        Hobgoblin: You're never going to win Robber


                        You will lose and be put behind bars for the crimes you committed


                        Robber We'll see about that


                        The robber uses up all of his ammo and he tries to run away


                        The robber only gets a foot away from Hobgoblin before Hobgoblin throws a pumpkin bomb filled with knockout gas


                        Hobgoblin: Why didn't I think of using these earlier?


                        Hobgoblin leaves the robber for the cops and flies away


                        Cop: Look at this writing on this piece of paper it says courtesy of your friendly flying Hobgoblin


                        Wasn't Hobgoblin a bad guy and he tried to trash New York?


                        Sheriff: Yes he was but I think this time someone is being the Hobgoblin for fighting evil all because of the life changing moment that happened to him


                        To be continued

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                          Chapter 6 Volume 1


                          3 days later


                          Police radio: All units report to Empire State Building, robbery in progess. All units report to Empire State Building, robbery in progess.


                          Police officer#1: Why would someone rob Empire State Building?


                          Police officer#2: I don't know beats me


                          Police officer#1: Look up in the sky it's the Hobgoblin


                          Police officer#2: Start shooting at him now!


                          Sheriff: Hold your fire you motherf****** he's a good guy


                          Police officer#1 Yea right!


                          The police start shooting at Hobgoblin when all of a sudden Hobgoblin grabs some pumpkin boms filled with knockout gas and starts throwing them at the police


                          Hobgoblin: That's what you get for shooting at your friendly neighborhood Hobgoblin!


                          Hobgoblin then flys away from the scene


                          Meanwhile in Europe


                          Police radio: all units report to police hq we are under attack. I repeat all units report to police hq we are under ahh! Arr!


                          Then the radio sparks and goes off


                          Poilce officer: Can you hear me? Repeat can you hear me?


                          With no sucess in contacting police hq the police officer along with his fellow officer in the car with him starts driving to police hq. Just then all of a sudden a red substance leaks out of the radio and starts to get on the police officer.


                          Police officer#1: What the h*** is this thing?


                          Police officer#2: I don't know this is but whatever it is it's possesing our ahh!


                          Both police officers are covered in red substance and they turn into hideous monsters with half of the red substance on each of them and they turn into Csrnages


                          Carnage#1: I am the real Carnage and you will die today you imposter!


                          Carnage#2: I am the real Carnage and you little imposter will die today!


                          The Carnages fight until one emerges victor then the Carnage symbiote leaves the victor and leaves him to die.


                          Police officer#1: Come back I need you!


                          He spoke his last words just as the Carnage symbiote leaves him and he dies


                          The Carnage symbiote finds a new host that suits him a couple hours later. The name of the person who it takes over is a person by the name of Flash Thompson.


                          Flash Thompson: No! No! No!


                          The symbiote takes over him and Carnage emerges


                          Carnage: Flash Thompson doesn't exist anymore just the almighty supreme Carnage! Blar! I will start with my almightyness by taking over America and then over all the world! Ha! Ha! Ha!


                          With the last statement made by Carnage he turns back into Flash Thompson and heads towards the airport to find to the first plane leaving for America. He gets on a nonstop flight heading to America.


                          Flash Thompson: I' beginning to like you Carnage, you always think of the same things as me. Ha! Ha! Ha!


                          Meanwhile back in America


                          Hobgoblin: I get shot and almost get arrested for trying to stop a robbery. That's no way to treat your neighborhood superhero.


                          Hobgoblin flys away from the scene as the cops arrive.


                          Police officer#1: It's the Hobgoblin shouldn't we go and stop him?


                          Sheriff: Don't worry about him he didn't trash New York like he usually does so forget about him.


                          Police officer#1: But sir!


                          Sheriff: I said don't worry about him and if you but me again you are going to get kicked off the force! Is that understood?


                          Police officer#1: Yes sir.


                          The police officer mutters behind the Sheriff's back


                          I will find out what that physco is up to even if I have to risk my own life.


                          God! I hate this sheriff he's so dumb!


                          Sheriff: Were you saying bad things behind my back?


                          Police officer#1: No sir.


                          Sheriff: Good now you go on patrol and report to me if you see anything out of the ordinary but don't say you seen the Hobgoblin because I won't believe it!


                          Police officer#1: Here we go again!


                          to be continued

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