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    Nightcrawler and Deadpool

      Nightcrawler and Deadpool Chapter 1


      Shocker: Everybody on the floor now!!!


      Civilians: Ahhh!


      Shocker: Hey Dillon you got the money.


      Electro: Right here Herman. This is a big amount of money.


      Shocker: Put it the trunk, I don't want Web-Head to come this time.


      ???: Your lucky Herr Shultz.


      Electro: Who said that?


      Suddenly the mysterious figure teleports behind Electro, punches him from behind and teleports him in the air. Which makes Electro fall down to the floor, unconscious.


      Shocker: God dammit!! Where are you!??!


      ???: Right behind you.


      Shocker turns around and is immediately punched. Shocker falls down, unconscious.


      ???: Well that was easy.


      Civilian: Who are you?


      ???: You can call me, Nightcrawler.


      Nightcrawler teleports away from the bank and teleports to a small, old house in a deserted neighborhood.


      Nightcrawler goes to the kitchen and looks for something to eat.


      Nightcrawler: I think I'll have a sandwich.


      The phone rings. Nightcrawler walk up to the phone picks it up.


      Nightcrawler: Hello?


      ???: Kurt you wanna come back with the x-men soon?


      Nightcrawler: I'll comeback soon Kitty. I just need a break.


      Right after that, the doorbell rings.


      Nightcrawler: What? Who would be looking for me?


      Nightcrawler opens the door, and finds a man with a eye patch. Nightcrawler recognizes his face.


      Nightcrawler: Herr Fury, what do you need?


      Fury: Kurt, I have an offer to give and I think you will be interested.