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        Sorry for the long wait. I guess I got to carried away with Arkham City. Anyway the chapter coming up shortly

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          Spider-Man: The Fearless Chapter 14


          Spider-Man and Man-Wolf wake up and find themselves in a cell with electrified bars.


          Spider-Man: Jeez"¦What happened? Where are we?


          Man-Wolf: We've been shot by tranquilizers.


          Spider-Man: My spider-sense should have detected that.


          ???:  It does have a weakness Spider-Man.


          Spider-Man and Man-Wolf look at the man, who they know as the Kingpin.


          Kingpin: I've made a deal with the Goblin. He gave me the gas canisters that can neutralize your spider-sense.


          Spider-Man: Damn Goblin!!! You'll pay for this Fisk!


          Kingpin: Oh really. Try to get out of here alive.


          Kingpin leaves the room leaving Spider-Man and Man-Wolf alone.


          Meanwhile, Prowler and Black Cat reach the Fisk building. They silently climb through a window.



          Prowler: Were here. Now let's go find our friends.


          Black Cat: And continue our date.


          Prowler: I'll remember next time I promise.

          They move silently and see three guards with firearms. Prowler gets out some kind of device.


          Black Cat: What is that?


          Prowler: I call it the Disruptor. It jams enemy firearms.


          Prowler uses it and jams two of the guard's weapons. The guards don't notice anything and keep walking.


          Prowler: It can only jam two guns. Then it has to charge again.


          Black Cat: I'll take care of the third guy.


          The third guard stops to take out a cigarette. The other two keep walking. Black Cat jumps up to the ceiling and silently crawls behind guard. She quietly drops down and silently takes him out. The Prowler runs up to the other two guards.


          Prowler: Boo!!


          The two guards turn around and jump in shock. They try to fire their guns. They quickly realize that the guns are jammed.


          Guard: What the hell!!


          Prowler grabs both of their heads and smashes them together, knocking them out at the same time.


          Prowler: That's over with.


          ???: I don't think so.


          Prowler turns around and see's a man in a scorpion costume.


          Prowler: So you're the guy who captured my friends.


          Scorpion: Damn right! I also took another one.


          Scorpion shows the unconscious body of Black Cat.


          Prowler: You'll pay for this Scorpion!


          Prowler throws his shurikens at Scorpion and charges directly at him.

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            Scorpion must've tailed Black Cat.

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              Sting of the Scorpion! :P

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