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        Page 20!!


        I've also added a new blog to the site, where I posted the original script for the past few pages. Go check it out. Ooor read the author comment and then do what that says. Or, heck I'll just post it here for lazy men :) :

        (Pages 17-20)


        ________________________________________________________________________________ ________


        The lackey nodded, and continued with his job. As he turned back around towards the truck's back door, he was met by a gloved fist.




        He went flying through the air, and smashed into a brick wall opposite of the truck.


        "-the hell?" William began, spinning back around to face the truck.


        Nothing was there.


        I almost felt bad for what I'd done: I was sure that the man I had just knocked into the wall wasn't going to be coming around anytime soon, and when he woke up in a cell, I was certain his pain was going to be excruciating. But the key word is almost.


        Some guy in a goofy-looking green/black striped sweater turned around to look at me. I assumed that the truck I was hiding in was extremely dark, because he hadn't seemed to notice me, which was probably a good thing: he looked well-built enough that if he got a hold of me, I'd probably be crushed to dust, even with my spider-strength.


        "Hey, Vito, get over here," he waved to one of the other men with him.


        Three guys standing, and only one of them looked like a challenge.


        "Get inside there, and check it out." He pointed at the truck's storage compartment, where I'd been hiding in the darkness.


        I saw Vito reach down around his waist, retrieving a handgun. A few seconds later, the other weak-looking guy did the same. The striped-sweater guy did not, however. Vito climbed up into the back, quickly standing back up, gun raised.


        "Anybody in here?" he called.


        Why the hell would I reply to him?


        Because the truck wasn't exactly as big as a mall like I'd hoped, I only had a few seconds to react before he eventually bumped into me. I bounced up to the ceiling, and looked down on him. He continued walking, smacking into the end of the storage cab.


        "Dammit," he cursed, massaging his forehead. "Boss, nobody's in her- GAH!"


        I came down full force on his head, smashing him into the floor, causing him to fire off a round before he passed out. His gun clattered against the wall. The second lackey began to make a mad dash for Vito's body when his boss stuck out his arm, holding him back.


        "It's the Spider-Man," he told him. "Don't go in there: it's just what he's wantin'..."


        He was a wise man. Kicking off the end of the storage cab, I torpedoed out of the truck, sticking to the same wall I had knocked the first guy into.


        "What'd I tell yah?" the big guy yelled.


        The lackey trained his gun on me, and fired three consecutive shots. I dodged each one, and splinters of brick flew in all directions.


        The boss turned around, reached into the truck, and pulled out a large bag of sand. He was definitely as strong as he looked. With a groan, he lobbed the sandbag my way, narrowly missing his guy's head in the process. I was easily able to avoid it, but after it smashed into the wall, it threw clumps of sand everywhere.


        "Watch where you throw that sand, man!" the lackey yelped.


        "Hah! Sandman, you get it?" I quipped, something I rarely did. I repeated the torpedo maneuver, and smacked into the lackey, who was able to fire off one more round. This time, it shot the glass straight out of a window above us, sending glass showering down on us. A fist to the jaw silenced him and his gun.

        ________________________________________________________________________________ ________

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          Awesome, DK Love the script


          CACKle as well

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            Hey guys, yeah I thought that part was pretty cool. Cackle makes the drawing part quite easy with his great writing :)

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              Cackle is a great writer!

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                Wow, quite a wait for an update. :P

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                  Hey guys, sorry for the sudden lack of updates, I've been incredibly busy lately (along with Arkham city taking up most of my free time) and quite honestly, this page is quite aggravating, as in I keep redrawing everything on it multiple times. It will be done for next monday though.

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