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        Well I suppose that having it out when the movie comes out makes sense. Do like Avengers EMH and think the overall storylines are better just not the way they write the characters so much. For me the shows are hard to compare as they are definitely different but I feel lucky that they are both on.


        So Eagles-Cowboys I have Vick as one of my Fantasy QB's so I hope he has a huge game! Hawks play the Bengals and that is their most winnable game in a while and that is just sad.

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          But with EMH you can't completely disassociate the running storylines with the characters because there's many character arcs that will sometimes (but not always) intertwine with the stories.


          I hope you had McCoy on your fantasy team too, haha.  He killed it tonight!  Vick was pretty good himself though and the Eagles looked completely dominate over the Cowboys.  Certainly not every week will be this nice, but it's great to see the team clicking.  Still a ways behind the Giants or the wild card, but scratching closer to having a .500 record.

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            The Giants are beatable and have a really tough schedule from here on out there next five games are the Patriots in NE, then the Niners in SF, Philly at home, the Saints on the road and then the Packers at home. I can see them losing all five of those games in fact based on this season the most winnable game for them is aganist your Eagles so I see either 1-4 or 05 and that will knock them out of the running which will be good since outside of the Steelrs there is not another team I like less. So if your Eagles play to their potential or close than they have a shot at winning their division because the Cowboys don't know who they are, the Skins are plauged with injuries and the Giants are not that good they lost to my sad Hawks in NY and barely beat the Dolphins. I hope the Packers beat them 55-7.


            Well I can understand your love of EMH and the writing since they write Hawk the way you like him whereas with me they are shoving this Tony Stark is an insensitive ******* to the extreme. It frustrates me that this is Marvel doing this and throughout Tony's history he was never this over the top of a jerk. Yes he was a womanizer and when he was drunk he was nasty, but since he sobered up he is a pretty cool guy, does he have an ego, yes, does he deserve to be proud of his accompishments, yes, is he rich, yes, but in the comics he is not an insensitive jerk whereas in the show he comes across that way much too often. Do I still like the show, yes, do I think they screw Tony, yes.


            Vick helped me out and hopefully he continues to be productive for my fantasy team, lol. Don't have McCoy, but wish I did.

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              I've learned not to underestimate this Giants team, haha.  With all their injuries and the free agency losses and that Eli, unlike his brother, isn't good enough to compensate for all this issues I wouldn't have thought they'd be in the position where they are right now.  Everything was set up for them to have an awful year, but here they are at 5-2 and easily atop the division.  Granted they haven't always had the toughest opponents (though they did beat the Bills) but the bottom line is that they found ways to win whereas the Eagles found ways to lose.  The next leg of the Giants is gonna be a test, but I'm not gonna sit back and assume the division is ripe for the taking.  I think the Patriots is a very winnable game with their defense, the 49ers still have Alex Smith as their QB, Eagles are still a bit of a questionable, Brees will have his bad games now and then, and I'm assuming the Packers will have to lose at some point, haha.  I'm not saying the Giants will win em all, but even if they go 3-2 or 2-3 they'll still be in a good position.  The pressure is far more on the Eagles right now, I thihk.


              Haha, Clint acts like a jerk plenty of times throughout the season, but that's the way he can be sometimes, it's part of his character and I'm okay with that.  Tony certainly acts like a jerk numerous times throughout the series too, but I still think he's significantly less of an insensitive jerk in the cartoon than Downey portrays him to be in the movies where he goes around intentionally trying to make Banner Hulk out by zapping him.  In the cartoon he comes off as a good superhero and a good leader, just not as good of a leader as Cap is.  If anything I would think you'd be more mad at the movie Iron Man than EMH.

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